Top 5 Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars in 2013


As the prices of fuel are increasing day by day, it’s becoming the hardest part to maintain a car. You are buying a car but the only thing which is sticking in your mind is the mileage of the vehicle. The confusion state like whether you should buy a car or not?? Buy what- petrol variant, diesel variant or some new concept hybrid or gas variant. Mileage of the car matters a lot and its one of the foremost features you should worried about. The fuel crisis and price hiking are the reasons which giving the birth to some new engineering inventions to save fuel. Some brilliant minds are trying their hard to make something new, to give some excellent results to the world. And therefore you are getting a plenty of variety of car-engines in the market. Here I have a list of Top 5 Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars.

1.      Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The 2013 Tesla Model S is securing the first position in our list of Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars. This model is a landmark of world class performance and a perfect example of brilliant engineering. Car is a 5-seat sedan and blessed with automatic transmission standard. Car has two models and both are renowned for their performance. Car offers a tremendous mileage of 88-MPG in city and 90-MPG on highways.

2.      Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The car is getting a no. 2 position in our list of Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars. This 5-seat sedan introduce itself from the price range of $36,000 and then goes up to $40,000. The car is equipped with 2.0L, 4-cylinder engine that offers 45-MPG in city and 50-MPG on highways. Car come with the automatic transmission system and performed beyond expectations.

3.      Audi A3

Audi is one of the leading car manufacturing company and better known for the engineering and performance, after facing the fuel crisis and the demand of time, Audi itself running in the race of Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars. In this sequence, Audi launched its all new Audi A3 in this year with the concept of fuel efficiency. Audi A3 is blessed with TDI Premium Engine which includes 2.0L I-4 140hp turbo cooled engine with 6-speed automatic –manual transmission. This car offers a mileage of 21MPG in city and 28MPG on highways.

4.      Lexus CT 200h

Lexus is renowned for the powerful driving experience and this time company comes with a new concept of fuel efficiency, Lexus CT 200h is the latest launch of company in the present year 2013. Car feature 1.8L 98-hp 2-speed CVT transmission engine. You would get all standard features and the excellent mileage of 43MPG in city and 45MPG on highways.

5.      Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Toyota is ruling over the heart of people by its powerful machines and performance from a long time. It’s the specialty of company that it always thinks about the demand of people and better engineering work. Toyota Avalon is the new release by company and more precisely better known for its spectacular mileage. Avalon offers 40MPG in city and 39MPG on highways.

Above mentioned are the Top 5 Best Gas Mileage Luxury Cars in 2013. All car manufacturing companies are paying their attention to the fuel efficiency and to make their cars better by some new inventions and engineering. So, choose a car according to your need.


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