Top 5 Comment Plugins for WordPress


One of the most fundamental facts about building your blogs requires participation of the visitors in your blog. This interaction is occurred by only comment section. Comments is what it all takes to build your blog with mass visitors all over the world asking for many suggestions or even find mistakes in your blogs so that you can fix your blog according to the real incident.

The responses from visitors are made by comment section so you’ve to keep it interactive and appealing for them.  WordPress represents various integration that you can make to create a perfect comment section for everyone including email, name and URL as well. With a single click submit button, you can update the comment. We’ve listed 5 best WordPress comments plugin to be integrated by popular social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

5 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress Blog

1.     Disqus Comments

No other commenting system is as popular as Disqus WordPress comments section. It enables you to have a full discussion board within your blog to begin discussing, sharing, replying or voting any comments in your blog with a simple design. It doesn’t require any other plugin. Millions of websites and bloggers are using this plugin as their default commenting system.

2.   Google+ Comments

Integrating social media giant in your comments section is often recommended by the top bloggers. By using way you can clear various logging in problems in different websites. Visitors can easily comment on your blog just by using their Google Plus account profile. It’ll also enhance the possibility of creating discussions with different social media sites. Commentators now can easily post any comments without having to getting out of their Google plus account which is quite appealing for the visitors. The comments section comes with a bundle of stylish package as well.

3.   Facebook Comments

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites used by millions of individuals over the whole world. Now, include Facebook Comments in your blog just by this simple plugin and you’ll be able to help the visitors comment from their logged in Facebook profile and interacting with others as well. This plugin will also help them share the comments in Facebook page’s wall as well. You can also increase your traffic rank from the largest social media site just by integrating this plugin.

4.   JetPack Comments

JetPack plugin also comes with a bundle package of Jetpack Comments system. JetPack commenting system is simple yet powerful. Readers from different websites like Twitter, Google,, Facebook etc. can easily post comments in your blog just using this system and you won’t have to do anything. It’s really great and easy to work with.

5.    Birdo Twitter Comments

Increasing massive amounts of Tweets from innumerable Twitter accounts can never be easier than this plugin. Boosting up your SEO requires the integration of top social media sites and it’s not complete without Twitter. So, use this plugin to help the visitors tweet and put comment at the same time.


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