Top 5 Earning Programs for Freelance Writers


There is hell lot of income opportunities on the internet but very few people used to find the right program. If you are a freelancer and passionate about writing then the below programs may help you in the long run. I can say that these programs are hassle free as you don’t need to manage anything. You will get paid once your review or article gets published. So let’s get into the details.

about is one of the most reputable information websites in the world. You might have come across this site in Google while searching for something. offers freelancing writing work to the people. You could apply as a guide or topic writer depending on your writing qualifications. is very strict when it comes to selection of candidates. The selection process consists of 2 stages. To be a guide or topic writer the candidates must go through this process successfully. Guide or topic writer needs to write more specifically about the topic they provide. has not mentioned pay structure anywhere on their site but they pays you well if your written article meets their standards.


Epinions is a product review based website and it is a part of ebay Commerce Network. You will get paid for honest reviews on any product or topic. I emphasized on the word ‘honest’ because the review could be positive or negative. People love reading honest reviews before buying any product. Members must write the review at least 20 words long and please make sure that you don’t use any abusive language. You can earn Eroyalties credits with their Income Share program. The credits would be converted to US dollars.  The threshold payment for US residents is $10 where as for non-US residents it is $100. The mode of payment is Paypal.


Fiverr is a great place to offer your services for $4. For instance you can write a unique 300 words article and sell it for $5. Fiverr will keep $1 and pays you $4 via Paypal. Try to write and sell articles of all categories very often. That would fetch you more money. Multilingual people can make extra money with the translation services. You can find more services under Writing and Translation category.


Triond is one of the reputed publishing networks in the world. You can post quality content of any topic. The content can include media like images, audio and video. There are two ways to make money with Triond. The very first way is through page views and the second way is through Google Adsense. If you have Adsense account you can boost your earnings.  The minimum threshold is $0.50 if paid via Paypal, $50 if the mode is check or Western Union. You will receive the current month earnings on the 15th of the following month.


Wizzley is a blogging platform where writers can earn writing articles. Being a writer you have the complete freedom to write any topic you desire. But, make sure that the content maintains high quality. Wizzley allows minimum 400 words long articles to publish. The more articles you write the more you get the revenue.

According to their site

“You will start out at a 50% share. After 50 approved articles you will receive 55%, and at 100 articles you will get the maximum of a 60% impressions share.”

You are eligible to monetize content with the following programs once accepted as an author. You will directly get earnings from the advertising networks you use on the page.

1. Google Adsense ( CPC and CPM)

2. Chitika (CPC and CPM)

3. Amazon ( affiliate commission)

4. Viglink (affiliate commission)

5. Allposters (affiliate commission)

6. Zazzle (affiliate commission)

Don’t try to use all the advertising options to monetize your content. It’ll look weird, isn’t it?  Monetizing content with the relevant program helps you better. You can also make extra income with their referral program.


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