Top 5 Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers


Just like the proverbial saying ‘money attracts money’, Twitter followers also work on similar lines. Twitter users have a normal tendency to follow a profile that already has a huge following. More followers mean more reputation for your business and a step ahead towards successful online marketing. But making a breakthrough in building a loyal Twitter following is easier said than done. Here are some practical tips to help you get more followers:

Twitter Followers

1. Create an effective profile

Your profile is the first impression on all the other users looking for someone to be followed, so make that first impression last forever. Begin by uploading a real picture and use your real name and location, while you can use a creative name in the username column. Also, include the URL for the website that you own for your business or for the purpose that you wish to gain followers. An interesting avatar or a company’s logo can be used for a professional twitter account.

2. Follow interesting people

Twitter provides you an option to have a contact with those people, whom you might never get face-to-face. Choose people to follow according to your interests like favorite bloggers, interesting brands and others. You should also follow people having interests similar to our interests that can be looked in your followers, those who retweet your posts and more.

3. Use hashtags

You can use hashtags in your tweets to let your followers and other connections know more about you. You can tag your interests and other topics relevant to your business, if you are working to get followers for your business. While using hashtags, more people will be able to see you and your interests and users with similar interests are likely to follow you, if they find your tweets interesting, creative and unique.

4. Post unique tweets

A regular tweeting habit will help you gain popularity among your followers and their connections. You should make sure that your tweets must be interesting enough to attract your followers and persuade them to share your posts. When any of your follower shares your tweet, the post becomes visible to their followers, who can follow you if they find the post interesting and creative.

5. Buy followers

Last but not the least, getting a paid following is sometimes the way to go. However, for this method to be effective, you need to buy followers from a genuine source. So, before you select your vendor, go through the Buy Twitter Followers Reviews that are available online. Once you find a reliable supplier, rest of the process is easy. It is also cheaper than the process of gaining ethical followers.

Combine all the above and you are on your way to building a robust list of followers. But remember, that’s not all; you also need to put in efforts to retain them.


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