Top 6 WordPress Plugins that Every Blogger Should Use for social Promotion


Webmasters find it pretty appealing to use different social media-based plugin to enhance the way they interact with their visitors. Facebook plugins are the most important of them. In order to generate traffic from social media sites, Facebook plugins plays a great role. Every blogger should be aware of the fact that it’s often the use of Facebook visitors that build your blog with comments. Promoting your blog can never can easier with the plugins that we’ve listed here. So, try to induce each plugin as your requirement goes and see what changes are made. It’s evident that you’ll be greatly benefited by using these plugins in any niche-based websites. Here we go.

Top 6 WordPress Plugins that Every Blogger Should Use

1.     WordPress Posts for Facebook Fans

It’s really important that you should use Facebook plugin like WordPress posts for your Facebook-based SEO. This will help you to build your blogs and increase the traffic you want in a very simple way. In order to build massive traffic from Facebook, connect your blog with a Fan page.

This plugin is really simple yet powerful in terms of being “coolistic”. Your individual post will often be accessible to only the Facebook fans if you use this on your blog. This means that new readers without a Facebook account or without liking your page won’t be able to post any comments in your blog. Commenting on posts will be enabled after they’ve liked your fan page. You can easily add this feature on your blog.

2.   Facebook Traffic Pop

If you’re eager to increase Facebook likes in your blog post, then use this plugin. It’s often referred as the most helpful plugin which rapidly increases the Facebook likes on posts. This is a quite simple plugin for you as well as the display is pretty simple for your Facebook reader. Bring more traffic to your blog just by using this plugin.

3.   Likebox Slider

The slider window is getting popular day by day with its simple design for the users. You can now easily show a slider box left or right of your blog just to like your Fan page of Facebook for the visitors so that they can easily connect with it. The slider box also works with Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.

4.   Top Social Shared Posts

If you want your posts to be viewed by the number of times shared on Facebook, then this is an amazing plugin for your blog. This plugin will show the most popular posts that’s been shared by your Facebook fans within a widget by using a sidebar. It also includes share count.

5.    Facebook Plugins, Comments, Dialogs

This plugin features list of options to enhance your blog’s Facebook-based beauties like Like Buttons, Comments System, Activity Feed, Facepile, Recommendations etc. This is a whole bundle package for your website.

6.   Ultimate Facebook Stats

This is stats bundle package for your blog since it uses different stats like Top commented, Liked, Shared posts. Decorating your blog’s stat can be amazing with this stats experience.


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