Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Webmasters


Google Chrome Extensions for webmastersWelcome back. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser among the webmasters and bloggers. Here go top 7 Google chrome extensions for webmasters. Google Chrome browser has lots of blogging extensions to make the life of a blogger more easier.

Top Google Chrome Extensions for Webmasters

Chrome SEO

The Google chrome SEO extension enables smoother access to Search engine optimization Tools, which helps you in various ways for example, competitive analysis, backlink checks, page rank checks and other regular SEO activities. It also ensures the Google Analytics integration and PPC integration.

Speed Tracer

Speed tracer investigates in identifying and fixing up performance problems in web applications. It puts a check on low level instrumentation metrics before running in any further applications.

Chrome Editor

The extension will enable you to code correctly within a browser. Besides this you can also save code for the future reference.  It helps in your computer considerably.  Chrome editor is featured with W3C validation service and automatically saves the code.

Webpage Screenshot

It is one of the faster and simpler extensions to capture the entire web page. Further longer pages are too saved in one image file. Webpage screenshots permits you to save PNG image.

Google share Button

Google share button extension allows you to share web pages via social networks, email and blogs. This is mainly used to appear in the top of the list and this extension allows you to infuse more services in your list.

CSS Scan

This Google chrome extension is highly influenced form Firefox Extension CSS Viewer.  This chrome extension helps you easily scanning an element’s CSS properties without moving into inspector’s window.

Site information tool

Site information tool button enables you to find out the valuable information regarding the current page via site information tool. A very easy way to find information that updates you for a longer time and also in your research.

Besides the above listed “Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for webmasters”, there are many other extensions available to you can considerably use. Some of them includes, web developer, pendule, plain clothes, Image Cropper, IE tab, Lorem Ispum Generator and others.


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