Top File Recovery Softwares


We all have had those moments when we have accidentally deleted our precious data or have been helpless while our Windows got corrupted along with our data. In the olden days, we would have cried our hearts out over what had happened, seen some psychiatrist to get over our depression phase, sat down and would have written everything from scratch.

Don’t you just love the fact that you weren’t born in those times? Yup! I know you do. Fortunately, now we have amazing file recovery softwares that can recover your data in an instant. These recovery softwares may not be able to recover ALL of the data, but they do recover most of it. This blog post highlights some of the best file recovery softwares. Just give it a read and I am sure you’ll love me after this.

Puran Utilities:

So, the first recovery software that we have on our list is Puran. This recovery software is brilliant software that happens to be free as well. It offers three scans for its users: Quick Scan, Deep Scan and Full Scan. You can choose whatever scanning option you like and recover your data in seconds.

Furthermore, Puran is compatible with fifty data formats that can further expand which means; you can recover almost any type of data with this amazing recovery software. It also comes with a search box that supports wildcards which means you can search your files a lot quicker.


The next recovery software that we have on our hands is EaseUs. EaseUs is another powerful recovery software with just one problem; it is not free. So, for all those who love to have free products, EaseUs might disappoint you. However, EaseUs does offer free trial version that can recover around 2 GB data. EaseUs promises to recover all sort of data type for you; it doesn’t matter if the data is on the hard disk, SD card, flash drive or any other possible storage media – EaseUs will bring it back for you.

However, EaseUs can’t recover the data that was deleted using multiple passes and other security measurements.

Glary Undelete:

Glary Undelete is another free recovery software that can be the solution to most of your problems. It can even recover the data that gets lost due to the “formatting” process.

However, there is one un-cool thing about Glary Undelete is; it is not compatible with Windows 8. So, if you are a user of Windows 8, you might like to check the remaining three recovery softwares. Other than that, Glary Undelete is perfect file recovery software!


Last but definitely not the least, we present you with Recuva. There are more than million things that you can recover with this smart recovery software. Other than just recovering the data that was once on your hard disk, your USB drive, your SD Cards, your MP3, etc. Recuva offers tons of other features as well.

Recuva helps in recovering deleted emails, unsaved Word documents and even helps in deleting files that the user wants to get rid-off completely. Recuva is portable and supports all Operating Softwares.


I would like to conclude with the note that every recovery software; comes with its pros and cons. Some ask you to pay for them while others are not compatible with your systems. However, if I were asked to choose one recovery software’s for myself; I would definitely go with Puran Utilities since it is free, compatible with my Windows 7 and comes with so many features!


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