Top Social Media Practices Which Help in Boosting SEO


SEO has been strongly linked with SMM (social media marketing) since its inception. Both practices involve the development of inbound organic strategies which are meant to build a presence and an attractive identity for the brand on the internet which attracts visitors and customers alike. Considering success on social media would require very high-quality content and also a strong brand presence, it only makes sense for you to work on a solid SEO strategy as well. Likewise, a great social media presence does wonders for your search rankings too. It is a great idea to understand exactly what practices you should adopt in your strategy to get the best output.

Boosting Followers

The more the connections or followers you have on social media, the higher your rankings. For example, you would always find huge corporations and tech firms with millions of likes and followers on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on SERPs much, much before any small-scale companies with only around a hundred followers. That said employing like farms or similar services for proxy followers would barely work because Google has great algorithms in place to detect the quality and genuineness of the followers you have. This is why “organic” followers are so important to find.

It’s a long-drawn process for any firm to grow their organic following, but it is tremendously rewarding in the long run. If you are able to present your brand in a unique and iconic way, and at the same time keep your consumers updated with relevant high-quality content consistently, you should be able to get up and running in no time. Engagement is vital to building a following, as it allows two-way interaction between you and your followers and also allows you to show them how much you care for them, thus making them feel important.

Proper Search Optimization

Like most content marketing strategies, this too requires you to have a solid foundation of good content, after which you can open up new search channels. Google prefers popular updates on social networks alongside news and entries on Knowledge Graphs. By optimizing each of your posts and getting them shared adequately, you should be able to achieve the required visibility. The way to do that would be to get a unique, strong anchor. This is an infographic, video or a reference to another article. This will be your foundation and must be titled accurately. You must then frame it with search-optimized text. For example, “have you ever wondered…” or “here’s the answer to all your XYZ-related queries” works perfectly. You could also use keywords sparingly to give your content a boost. Seek professional assistance from any firms specializing in social media marketing in Mumbai for effective SEO solutions.

Gathering External Inbound Links

A very important aspect of how social media can boost your search engine rankings is the fact that it encourages more and more sites and pages to link to your content, thus driving more viewers to your site. If your external link base is diverse, Google automatically considers you to be a host of high quality. The first step for this would be to have content that is actually worth the time of the visitors. Beyond that, you must use social networks as your personal broadcast channel. Use hashtags to boost visibility, and without being spammy, direct people to your content on relevant posts, discussions, and threads. This way, you are able to build respect as well as gain inbound links.

Leveraging Social Sharing

Sharing follows almost the same mechanism as inbound links do. Search engines view the sharing of your content by verifiable sources as valid endorsement worthy of improvement in authority in rankings. Shares, replies, retweets, likes and favorites all work wonders for this. The easiest way to get any of these is to incentivize, i.e. enroll all sharers into a lucky draw for an attractive prize, or have surveys and/or contests in which you urge people to share or like the post if they agree with the point you are putting across, or want to see more such content from you. This is a self-perpetuating process, as every person who shares your post opens up new avenues for followers and sharers as well.

Locally-Optimized Posts

Social media gives you a fantastic opportunity to engage yourself perfectly in your local community, by sending authority signals that are local-specific, to the key search engines. The easiest way of doing this is by posting updates on all those occasions when your company participates in any local events, interacts effectively with any local establishments and brands on social media.

Whenever your organization participates in any local tradeshow, festival or any other event, you could simply take relevant photos and make a nice post. You could invite local residents to come forward and comment. This would be fortifying your participation and position in the local community and would be making you far more visible, as far as local searches are concerned.

Another effective way of engaging with your local community is by doing slight research. Look for prominent local players and make an effort to engage regularly with them. You could be sharing posts, participating in discussions and posting guest blogs for sharing them on social networking channels.

Boosting Brand Awareness

You should enhance your reputation on the social media network via enhanced engagement and top-quality content syndication that would boost online brand presence and certainly greater search visibility for your brand.


We have discussed some of the key elements of a social media marketing campaign that has been a grand success. There is increasing emphasis on enhancing user experience. If you give an enhanced user experience, you are sure to get a boost in your Google SEO rankings. You need to have a sound understanding of all the root causes that lead to social media impacting SEO. Only then you could ensure a better user experience.