How to Use Your Phone in a Survival Situation


Your phone is a feat of modern technology, filled with useful apps and software to help you survive the civilized world. But even in the wilderness–miles away from the nearest cell phone tower, a cell phone might mean the difference between life and death. It can be a virtual multi-tool filled with real life-saving tools. Here’s how.

Calling for Help

Calling for Help

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If you have a signal, call for help, and use the GPS to find your way to safety. There’s no need to test your survival skills when you don’t really need them. Also, use your downloaded maps to find safety. Thanks to your smartphone having top enterprise mobility management features, you can write out a call for help and sync it across all of your devices.

If you have no signal, don’t toss the phone. It could be the key to survival.

Make Your Own Cell Phone Signal

Crack open the case carefully with a rock and remove the mirror material behind the screen. Use this as a signal mirror by pointing it at the sun. Fasten one to a tree pointing towards civilization and it will signal for you while you hunt for food.

Turn Processing Power into a Weapon

The phone’s circuit board is hard plastic. Sharpen it to a point on a stone to make a spear head. Bind this to a branch with long pieces of fauna, or a string, and you have a spear. Or, sharpen one edge and use it as a knife. Scrape it on a branch to make wood shavings–instant tinder for your fire.

Metal plates inside the phone also make great knives, spears and more useful implements. Shape them, and grind an edge on a rock.

Tackle Your Hunger Issues

Small metal parts inside the phone make useful fishing tackle. You can fashion them into hooks very easily. All you need is a hunk of metal to snare a fish.

Tie a string to the middle of a longer length of metal. Put the bait over the metal. When the fish swallows the bait, pull the string. The metal twists and lodges in the fish’s throat. Or, shape one of the parts into a j-shaped hook. This will snare the fish long enough to pull them in.

Navigate to Safety with a Broken Phone

Remove a metal wire from the phone and take the magnet out of the speaker. Rub the magnet along the wire in one direction to magnetize it, then set the wire into a still pool. It will point to magnetic north.

Hot Wire a Life-Saving Fire

It gets cold at night, and you’ll need a fire. You can build one using the battery inside your cell phone. Take one of the wires and place it on each end of the battery (the positive and negative end). The electric current will heat up the wire like an element in your stove.

Hold some tinder to the hot wire, and you will ignite a fire. Use very small tinder bits to build the fire larger.

Never go into the woods without your cell phone. It isn’t just for apps and videos. In extreme situations, it provides practical tools that will save your life.


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