Use Puran Recovery Software to Recover Your Lost Data


We all want that one recovery software that can do all sorts of miracles for us, by recovering our deleted data. From recovering our lost data from our PC to restoring our data from our SD Cards, we need just ONE recovery software that can take care of all our problems.

The internet is full of different recovery softwares. There are two ways that can help you find out which one is the best. First, go through all the recovery softwares out there, install them, use them, write down their pros and cons and then evaluate which one is the best. Second is to just sit back and read our blog post because this blog post is about Puran; one of the leading recovery softwares in the world.

Puran Recovery Software

Name a storage device and Puran would be able to recover its content. Yes! Puran is that strong. It comes with a simple and easy to understand interface that is basically a step by step guide for the user. The user can recover all sorts of files with this recovery software; be it files once stored on the hard disk, USB (flash drive), SD Cards, etc. Puran can easily get all your important files in just a glimpse of your eye. Puran is a powerful software that is simple, accurate and very fast. Puran offers three different modes of Scan to its user:

  • Quick Scan: The fastest of the three in which Puran returns a list of deleted files in just a click.

  • Deep Scan:In this scan, Puran scans the entire drive by going through every byte on that drive and returns a list of all the deleted files.

  • Full Scan:This is a more advanced form of “Deep Scan”. In Full Scan, Puranretrieves files even from the formatted drives. It also helps in detecting the deleted or the lost partitions.

Puran is compatible with FAT 12/16/32 and NTFS. It can work with approximately fifty types of data patterns or types and hence this can be said, without any doubt, that Puran recovers almost everything. After scanning your drive, Puran lists down all the files in either tree view or list view so that you can easily see which of the files have been recovered. Puran also offers a search box that supports wildcards. In this way, you can locate your files quickly and easily.

How to Use Puran?

You need to first download Puran from any credible site. After successfully downloading it, install the setup. The setup comes with a handy help menu that can help you if you encounter any problem along the way. It also comes with a “Things you need to know” dialogue box that tell you about all the details that you need to know about the scanning process. 

Once you click the “Ok” button, you are all set for your Puran recovery adventure. The following dialogue box appears that asks you to choose the drive that you want to search into. Then, you need to select your scanning option. Once you’re done with this, press “Scan”.


Puran will display a list of files that it would have recovered during the process. You can see the preview of those files in the preview section. Choose the files that you want to recover and Puran will recover them for you. 


So with these easy clicks, you can recover your deleted files using Puran Utilities!

After using several recovery softwares, I found Puran a bit more interesting; not just because its recovery algorithm is powerful, but because it has got many other interesting application along with file recovery application. 

Puran Utilities

From these zillion useful utilities, following are the few applications which I liked the most in Puran Utilities:

  • Delete Empty Folders

  • Duplicate File Finder

  • Permanent Delete

  • Shutdowm Timer

  • Splitter

All said and done, I am suse that you will surely enjoy using such a gaert piece of work i.e. Puran Utilities!


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