Uses of using BlueStacks


Today’s world is completely based on technology and through this advanced technology communication became easy all over the world. Bluestacks is an App player which was developed by Americans. We don’t have option to run Android Application in our personal computers or laptops and Bluestacks will help to solve this issue. Using Bluestacks App player we can install any Android application into our PC and can enjoy. This was specially designed to meet the problem Android needs in our personal computer. This was officially launched in 2011 and crossed its expectations and estimations.


This is smartphone generation and unlimited android apps are provided in Google play store. This will not help to people those who depend only on computers. Bluestacks was specially designed to meet these people’s needs and requirements. Some will not enjoy all applications on a small screen as it will not be comfortable and cool always. We have tablets as well but even they are with small screen. In such cases we will go for computers but when you know that you can actually use the same Android applications on your Windows PC or MAC you can actually enjoy using BlueStacks App Player.

Installing BlueStacks App Player

  • First we have to get proper BlueStacks App Player or we can also download as it is free Application. It will work for both Mac and Windows based computers. Have to get BlueStacks App Player depending on system’s bit processor. We are provided with BlueStacks App Player official website and we can download from there itself. Minimum 2 GB is RAM is mandatory for installing and it might consume more time for installation in the beginning.
  • BlueStacks App Player is bunch of different apps and we can search required app. If BlueStacks App Player can’t find it will display as App does not found. BlueStacks App Player works on Android 2.3 version and hence we cannot find all Android apps. There are only some limited apps in BlueStacks App Player.
  • System should have internet connection as we have to create an account in BlueStacks App Player. We also have an option to login form any of our google accounts.
  • Once you logged in, select best suited app and go for installation. All android apps provided in BlueStacks App Player are not free for installation. If App is free you will find free button and it is with price than you will find price button. Click on that particular button and after  purchasing you can directly install in your computer.

If BlueStacks App Player once installed we can directly login with your Gmail account or we can also create new Bluestacks account and can also transfer applications from your Android device to your PC. Along with this manual method is also provided to install applications using the APKs.