Using Facebook For Business Helps Your Business Grow Quickly


Facebook like pages are the big talk nowadays. As, being the world’s largest social networking site online, Facebook like pages are really fascinating and preferred whether it be a rock band, a famous public figure or any large or small scale organizations. Fan pages are a great source of highly targeted readers or customers as well. Using Facebook for business can flourish your online or offline business and reach out to targeted users that are highly interested in stuffs you create or promote.

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Using Facebook For Business Can Boom Your Business Potentials

Recent surveys reveal that more than 90% of the Smartphone in US is used mostly for browsing or using Facebook. So, the point is that the Facebook pages are starting to build up a market in our digital world. They are used for sales, inquiry, advertising and many more stuffs that any entrepreneur thinks of. So, if you have not been taking your social media presence seriously, this might be the right time for you to do it.

The best part about a Facebook page is that it does not really require that much of an effort for promoting any kind of information, items etc. We just have to create a page promote the page, promote stuffs that might be useful for your followers and engage more and more users or followers in it, as simple as that

But the main problem everyone finds when he/she wants to grow business using Facebook, is getting people to like their Facebook pages. By people we mean not just random users, we’re talking about users that are interested and are relevant to what we create or produce. So, how to do that?? How to get 1000 likes on my Facebook page easily?? How to grow my business using Facebook? These questions always strike the users’ mind first. So, today i am about to share with you people some real lifetime strategies I applied and so can you, to increase your Facebook fan pages likes and simultaneously grow your business. So, just stay with me and keep calm.

First of all the task is to create a Facebook fan page. It’s an easy task and hope you can do it on your own as we are about to discuss much more useful stuffs.


So now that you have your Facebook page, the first task is to upload a nice profile picture and a cover photo that explains most about your business, website or what you want you are promoting.

Remember, like you never like pages that don’t provide good posts. Similarly, other users are not going to like your page unless you have good content on your page and that will make other users irresistible to like your page. So, focus on your page’s content.



Facebook page admins have access to a very good feature that I like very much. That is you can invite your friends to like your page. When you send an invitation to your friend about your like page, they get a notification that. “Someone has invited you to like his/her page”. You might say what the trick here is to gain more users on the page. So, what you could do is make your closest friend the content creator of the page (remember don’t make him/her the admin they can intentionally delete you from the admin post and you will lose any control on the page). So and after making them the content creator or the moderator of your page, just invite their friends to like your page. Do this with as much as more accounts and who knows you might in no time get enough likes to create a base for other users.

Though the users that you get via inviting might not be highly targeted but it’s always good to create a base, as other new users check a page’s likes and popularity before trusting them.

The Power Of Tags

The next thing I want you to do is upload some images related to your page. And after uploading the image, tag your friends; tag as much as friends that have many people on their friend list. What this allows is that this gives your page some more exposure among other users that are unknown about your page. Like other people will get that on their home page like: “Someone was tagged in a photo” and who knows those people might find your page interesting and like your page and get converted to valuable customers.

(TIP: Also tag those like pages or people that have a greater fan following and reach than yours this increase your post visibility and exposure.)

Find Targeted Audience From a City Or a Country

facebok likes

Now the final part which I love the most. And, this method can get you maximum Facebook likes and valuable customers to grow your business in no time. Now add your page’s location or just add the location of the place which you want your targeted audience. (Though we’re not sure this works in a different country but it works within a defined country, city or region.)

At the top of your page, click on EDIT PAGE and UPDATE INFO. Just scroll down and add the location or your place. What this actually does is the people who are logged into their Facebook accounts from nearby these locations will see the suggestion of your page on the right side panel of the home page. And thus your page gets more exposure for free and increases your fan followings in quick session.


These were some of the gold mined tips about using Facebook for business and it’s really effective as well. But if you can afford, we suggest you to go for Facebook advertising as they provide different features and get you immensely targeted and devoted readers, audience or customers.


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