Using Twitter as a Professional Tool


Many people are on Twitter, which means that many people can be marketed on the site. This has been the source of added income to many businesses, but for those who are just beginning to use the service, making money off of this social network may seem like some sort of alchemy—whereby one tweets a few messages a day and make bank.

Using Twitter as a Professional Tool

While that is essentially what happens, getting to that point takes time, like all good things. If you are indeed serious about using Twitter as a tool for marketing then this article will give you some very useful techniques and insights to do just that.

Starting off on the Right Foot

The first thing that you need to do is create a Twitter account. Now I wouldn’t mention this step for the sake of mentioning it, there is some strategy involved. If you are a business then your Twitter profile should reflect the angle that you’re taking with regards to marketing your brand. For example, if you are just starting out and have a main Twitter account for your business then you would typically name your profile the name of your business. This helps with SEO and brand recognition.

Alternatively, if you are utilizing a specific marketing strategy, such as promoting a viral video, then you’d name your profile accordingly; with your tweets and posted content reflecting the aim of this account.

Choose Your Angle

If you’re going to use Twitter properly as a marketing tool then you need to choose your angle wisely. Depending on what your account is setup to do (e.g. promote the main site, viral content, etc…), that should dictate what kind of content you produce. Once you’ve got a clear idea of where you’re going, you’ll need to post frequently and post different types of content; e.g. videos, links, re-tweets, hashtags, etc…

Now simply posting loads of tweets isn’t going to do what you think it will. Many think that the more you tweet the more likely you’ll get traffic and followers. Not the case; in fact if you start posting many times utilizing links to your site then you are likely to get flagged for spam. Instead, post quality content such as a daily special (not hourly), locations and mentions, answers to questions, and upcoming events. Provide value to your existing followers to get more.

Don’t Forget Customer Service

Having many followers is the name of the game when it comes to Twitter. If you are only reaching 50 people then your business or organization isn’t likely to flourish the way you want to. The solution, of course is to get more. How you get more followers on Twitter is a question that is asked all the time, but it all goes back to content. Start following other people and don’t neglect your current followers. Look for mentions about your site, answer questions people pose, re-tweet popular posts, or even reply to a non-followers post with a witty comment. As long as you’re producing great content instead of promoting, you will go far.

About the author: Sohail Hussain is a part time blogger and a freelancer, currently he is working at Techmitra where you can get latest tech updates.


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