Web Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting 5 Differences You need to Know


The debate on web hosting vs cloud hosting is the hottest one out there and today we bring you a very simple article on cloud hosting vs web hosting so that you can easily understand the difference between the two and wisely decide whether to choose a web hosting or a cloud hosting solution for your website/blog.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting is the most popular type of web hosting out there. In a shared web hosting, a dedicated web hosting provider hosts together multiple different websites together on one single server, thus sharing the resources like storage, bandwidth, disk space etc., between all these different websites.

The main reason that makes the shared web hosting the most popular web hosting solution out there is its cost. It is the cheapest sort of web hosting in comparison with any other web hosting solution.

Cloud Hosting:

As the name suggests, the cloud hosting technique makes use of the cloud technology to host websites. Instead of hosting multiple websites and all of its related data on a single server, the data of a single website is hosted on multiple cloud-based servers.

The presence of multiple cloud-based services hosting the same website ensures very low down time as in case of any hosting related issue, the website can be easily migrated from one cloud server to the other. Even though this option may be expensive, the efficiency provided by cloud hosting is top notch.

Cloud Hosting vs Web Hosting:

Below are the 5 most important differences in terms of features between cloud hosting and web hosting.

  1. Website Uptime:

Even if shared web hosting providers claim 99% uptime, it is probably hard for any web hosting solution providers to live up to that claim. A simple traffic surge in one or many websites in the shared server is enough to cause downtime to the rest of the websites hosted in the server.

A dedicated server in cloud hosting allows the resources to be specifically allocated to only one website. And even in the case of server issues, the server migration is easy and can keep the website up and running.

  1. Features:

Cloud hosting provides more features to its users with unlimited bandwidth and other resources.

In web hosting, the resources are often limited and even there is a limit on how you can use the limited resource offered to you.

  1. Security:

Websites using shared web hosting are more prone to hacking attempts and other security issues.

Cloud hosting has a proper security management system with tools to prevent, detect and correct any security related issues.

  1. Performance:

The shared resources means that your website is never offered with a constant speed and performance as the effect of other websites hosted on your server directly affects the performance of your website.

However, in cloud hosting, as all the resources and technology are specifically dedicated to each individual website, performance is snappy and reliable.

  1. Pricing:

As said in the beginning itself, shared web hosting are the cheapest web hosting solution available. Moreover, as the web hosting market is becoming more competitive, hosting companies provide a lot of offers to its customers like free domain names, free website builders etc.

Cloud hosting solutions are generally expensive due to the dedicated nature of its features. Moreover, if your tools and their functionalities are not properly mapped, you may end up paying a lot for no reason when using cloud hosting.

Final Words:

Did you find this article helpful in solving your doubt on cloud hosting vs web hosting?

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