What Are The Changes That Microsoft Brought in Windows 8.1?


Windows 8.1

We all know that Windows 8 didn’t get as much success that Microsoft expected for it. So among windows users still Windows 7 is the king. But now Microsoft wants to give more attention to Windows 8 and fix the things that stopped people from choosing Windows 8 as their primary Operating System. Microsoft want to make their tile-based OS even better for new users and so they have released Windows 8.1, a free update for windows 8.

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What changes did this update brought?

No big changes are seen but some minor things have been tweaked. Some of the minor changes are worth mentioning and some are not. But in this article I’m going to point all the changes seen in Windows 8.1.

1. The Start Button is back.

Many people disliked Windows 8 because it didn’t had the start button. They used 3rd part apps to bring it back. But now in Windows 8.1 the start button is back. It is not like the Windows 7 start button. This doesn’t bring up the Start menu but pops up the start screen only. Just for the sake of bring the start button back, Microsoft has brought it back

2. The Start Screen is more customizable.

Start ButtonThe tiles and the start screen are more customizable now. You can choose many designs for the Start screen. Again you can also keep the same wallpaper you are using on your desktop as a start screen background. The tiles can also be managed in a better way now as you can make them small, medium or wide in size. You can also choose large size for a few tiles like Store, Pictures, weather etc…

3. Play slide show in Lock Screen.

You can know select a collection of pictures and make a slideshow in the lock screen. This seems cool as the pictures will keep changing in the lock screen after a period of time.

4. Internet Explorer 11.

Lock ScreenIE11 is here my friend. If you’re trolling IE then just stop now because after IE 8, all IE versions are getting appreciations. IE 10 in Windows 8 and IE 11 now are both gaining popularity. Latest IE versions are light, clean and simply fast. You should give it a try. Again Windows 8.1 also has the full screen metro version of IE11 which is simply amazing to use.

5. Windows Store new look.

storeWindows Store is even better now. Finding and download apps will be a great experience now. Store has managed all apps in a very systematic way and you can find apps in every category you want.

6. Search is now even better with BING.

Windows 8.1 has integrated live search powered by Bing to give more information to the searcher. Search is even more powerful and when live search is on you will get each and every info regarding your search term.

7. Multi-tasking with metro apps is better now.

metro apps

Before you could work with two metro app by keeping them active on screen. However you couldn’t manage the space occupied by each app. But now you can manage the space. And in some screens you can also work with 3 metro apps at the same time.

Overall these minor changes matters for the current Windows 8 users as they makes the OS better. Do you think this update can attract more of new users to change their primary OS to Windows 8?


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