When Do You Need a Business Attorney?


If you are just starting out in your business, you may have a few worries on your mind. These include wondering whether you need a good business lawyer for your company. The biggest problem with many people in your situation is that there is a certain stigma associated with hiring a lawyer right off the bat. The general assumption is that the high rates charged by lawyers can’t be afforded when your company is just starting out. You barely have capital to cover operational costs, after all! This leads to many small companies hiring their lawyers only when they are needed. This could be costing your company more money than you think.


You Can Definitely Handle Some Things Alone


You don’t need a lawyer for every situation that arises in your new business. Many “legal” issues are really simple and can be dealt with on your own. You can learn the basics and handle many of the issues without having to call on an attorney. This should save you plenty of money and give you room to afford an attorney for the more serious issues. For example, writing out your business plan shouldn’t require an attorney, unless your company plans on dealing with sensitive information or high-security data. There are tons of other situations where a lawyer is an option, not a necessity. You will usually recognize these situations on your own without the need for advice on the matter.


When Do You Have to Hire a Lawyer?


If you are being sued, you have to hire an attorney for your company. It doesn’t matter what you are being sued for – an attorney can help you get out of it without tarnishing your reputation. One of the most common situations where people owning small businesses think they can defend themselves is a discrimination suit. Even if you didn’t actually discriminate against someone, remember that the bias lies with the prosecutor in this case. Discrimination is a very sensitive issue today, so the courts will unintentionally side with the “victim” unless you can present a strong, ironclad defense.

Another situation where you need a lawyer is when you are under investigation. Even if you haven’t been sued, any instance where an agency decides to investigate you for violation of laws is grounds for hiring a lawyer. You don’t want them prying where they don’t belong because of some baseless accusation, after all. The same goes for when a complaint is filed against your company for non-compliance with certain local or state regulations.


Environmental Issues are Important Too!


Preserving the environment is very important indeed. Your company can benefit a lot from an image that promotes green energy and operations. If someone tries to tarnish this reputation, hiring a lawyer who specializes in environmental law is the best way to prevent the issue from ruining the image you have built. Some law firms allow you to investigate your own company and prevent these issues from becoming a reality. Prevention is better than cure, after all!


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