WordPress Responsive Theme – Sahifa Theme


A lot of people have their own blogs these days. And for blogging, WordPress is no doubt one of the best blogging platforms ever made. It’s very easy for the beginners, and at the same time you can get a professional look without much effort. And added to that, you can make your blog to suit almost any flavor by choosing themes of many kind. There is a whole gallery for responsive themes in WordPress and the collection is pretty huge; third party themes are available as well.

WordPress Responsive Theme – Sahifa Theme

What is your blog about? Lifestyle, fashion, photography, technology or whatever it is, you will just have the one you are looking for. And we are here to suggest you one responsive theme for you that has the capability to adapt these entire environment. This theme is called Sahifa.

This is popular and usable with pretty much every environment because it is customizable in pretty much every section. You can make changes in the website header, the sidebar, the footer, or the content box, even colors and alignments of different areas. What else would you need?

Let’s have a brief look at the basics of this WordPress theme.


It’s Responsive

This theme suits almost all devices, be it a computer, smartphone, tablet or an ordinary phone that runs internet on it. And it is going to be very friendly for many users as web surfing has been taken mostly to the mobile devices; people prefer browsing on the go and in portable devices.

Easy to build home page

With responsive WordPress themes, the best thing is you can modify almost every part of it and which enables you to build cool home pages. It’s as easy as just dragging and dropping stuffs into your home page and rearranging them, and your home page is actually made. You can add scrolling boxes, pictures in news, categories in tabs, gridded thumbnails, custom styles, recent blog posts etc. etc. and many more. Blogging has never been this easier before.

Review your products


In Sahifa Theme, you don’t anymore have to install third party plugins to rate your products on your blog. Sahifa theme has a built in reviewer system which you can use to review the products on your blog. And this utility will get the SEO done by itself, so you don’t have to worry much about Google search result appearance.

Color Options – How many can you imagine?

Yes, how many colors can you imagine? You can use almost all colors of your imagination in your website. You can change the colors of pretty much anything, and don’t worry you don’t need to know CSS coding! But there are ways to add them if you want to add some coding.

Category Page and Slider

If you want to add different flavors to your blog then use a category page and these categories sliding with your page – might be helpful. Different categories will add more diversity to your website and this will impress your readers for sure.


And you also get some other stuff like logo, favicon, full screen background, 23 pre-defined patterns and many more. Making blog is fun with Sahifa Responsive WordPress theme.


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