Xbox One vs. Play Station 4- Which one is better?


Recently, Microsoft and Sony have launched their respective sensations in market for the game lovers- Xbox One and PS4! Both are catchy, famous, handy and similar as well. It makes a user confuse which one to buy – because all game lovers want to taste gaming at the best level. If you are a game lover, you are always specific about certain things regarding games which may help you to decide what to choose. Some important such things for Xbox One & Play Station 4 are enlisted below, which may help you to decide which one is better- Xbox One or Play Station 4. So, let’s begin the review.


1)      Online or Offline:

For Xbox One, you must have a constant connection to internet. For the Xbox One users, if the internet is disconnected for more than 24 hours, the games may get discontinued. However, for the PS4 users, internet is not a prerequisite asset. If you are not playing online your games will still work. So this is a huge advantage to PS4 users because it does not possess any such limitation.

2)      Pre owned feature:

Microsoft is granting the publishers a right by which they can set their own rules for re-selling the used games, but Sony is not doing any such thing. Pre owned games will work on the PS4, the same way as they do with PS3 and PS2. One can simply give a game to some friend by lending them a disc. But with Xbox One, only if you’ve had a friend in your Xbox live friend list for more than 30 days, you can lend them a game and that too just once.

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3)      Price:

Xbox One will go on sale in November this year. However there in no such date fixed for PS4. The confirmed price in other countries has may be given us a little estimate about the price and in this respect too, PS4 is leading. The PS4 will cost $399 in the US, £349 in the UK, €399 in Europe and $549 in Australia. The Xbox One, meanwhile, will cost more $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and $599 in Australia.

4)      Processor:

Though we have many distinct features for comparison of these two but the heart of Xbox One and PS4 remain quite similar. And the reason behind this is that both are running x86 octa-core CPUs and these eight-core processors are built by same chipmaker i.e. AMD. Now this is a new feature introduced by both companies. Microsoft previously had used an IBM Power PC processor whereas Sony had used Toshiba and IBM on its own Cell processor. Xbox One runs a modified eight-core AMD processor while PS4 utilize an x86-64 “Jaguar” CPU.

5)      Storage:

Another point to be discussed is the use of 8 GB GDDR5 RAM in PS4. Microsoft has also announced the Xbox One to have 8 GB RAM as well, but it has a DDR3 memory variety. This makes a huge difference to the game developers in long run as opposed to game players at present but still it is an interesting choice for the Xbox One.

So in the end, I can say that in many aspects these two share some similarities. But since PS4 has more advantages over Xbox one in terms of price and additional features, it looks more attractive. However, for hardcore gamer and game developers, Xbox One serves quite well. So the choice totally depends upon the user. These details can help you to refine your choice. J


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