Xbox One vs PS4 specs comparison


In the world of gaming, we have two main competitors in market now days- Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. Since both have their respective launch dates close to each other, one may get confused in deciding what to choose for them. Another fact is their design; which is almost similar. Both  Xbox One & PS4 are rectangular in shape, the color is black and so on. So the only thing left is the hardware and other specs on the basis of which, we can compare these two. Let’s go through these differences one by one.

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Both possess a 500 GB internal hard drives. Like PS3, PS4 offers you an upgraded hard drive whereas Xbox One doesn’t. So PS4 is a better choice in terms of future proofing. But Xbox One gives you an option for expanding your storage. It allows you to attach an external hard drive via a USB. It will serve the same purpose as the internal hard drive does. It is not sure that whether PS4 lets you use external USB drives for storage; but it has two 3.0 USB ports.


Both the consoles have 8 GB of RAM. The PS4’s GDDR5 memory is however faster than the Xbox’s DDR3 RAM.


Both the systems have same processor which is a new feature introduced. The AMD is an exciting new change in the generation of gaming aids, as it gives you an octa-core processor.


Along with the AMD processor, both systems possess AMD Radeon GPUs which are integrated into their respective unit viz. Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). The last generation PS3 was a level up to the Xbox 360 in terms of spec. but Xbox 360 was quite simple to develop for and port to. So the comparisons of cross-platforms favor Xbox.


If we compare, the Xbox One is a bigger console. Comparing the surface area for both, the Xbox One is 21 percent larger than the new Play Station.

Disc Played:

Because of the Blu-ray discs, the PS3 had a big leg up on the Xbox 360. But for now, both the consoles will play your Blu-rays and DVDs.

Game Formats:

Both the systems will play physical discs as well as downloaded games. Neither Microsoft nor Sony had any gall to go digital download only.

Backwards Compatibility:

There is a little disappointment to the gamers as you cannot play your old games on these new consoles. Sony may offer some cloud stream games in near future but that too not sure. But even if it happened so, be ready to pay for the old games all over again.

Internet Requirements:

In addition to the used game subject, the Xbox One requires an internet periodically i.e. once in every 24 hours. If you go more than a day without going online, you won’t be able to play the games. However PS4 does not have any such constraints.


The PS4 will cost $399 in the US, £349 in the UK, €399 in Europe and $549 in Australia. The Xbox One, meanwhile, will cost more $499 in the US, £429 in the UK and $599 in Australia.

Comparing these two one of the best consoles available in the market today will not decide your choice. Your choice entirely depends upon what you are looking for. So if you are more likely to have excellent gestures with amazing voice controls, go for Xbox One. Whereas if you are looking for a hardcore gaming with less restrictions, PS4 will serve you very well.


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