12 Plastic Business Cards for Inspiratioin


Business Cards usually tend to serve as a form of formal introduction to prospective clients which bear your business information about you or your business or company. Traditional Business card design has up until recently been simple black text on white stock, however – today a professional business card is imbued with many elements of striking visual design.

Apart from the common business cards which are made of paper/card there are also special business cards which are made from durable materials such as plastic ( PVC ), as well as frosted translucent plastic, crystal clear plastic, white and metallic plastic.
In a competitive business world, distinguishing yourself from the competition serves as an advantage, thus a well designed business card made from Plastic ( PVC ), will distinguish you from the crowd and make a lasting impression at any important first client meeting or business function.

When you find yourself at an exhibition or networking event where cards are exchanged by the handful, your durable well designed plastic business card will be far more likely to be kept by the recipient because of the higher perceived quality, design and value.

Plastic business cards designs have enabled people to expand their businesses for years and surprisingly the cost is minimal when compared to any other type of printing materials used; however – a mere Plastic or ( PVC ) Card is not sufficient unless it incorporates intelligent design and great typography.

For this article we would like to showcase some exemplary Plastic Business Card Designs for your inspiration which may help you derive some ideas for your own personal Business Design related project. Enjoy !

1. John Williams


2. Transparent Colored Business Card

transparent colored business card

3. Jan Sabach


4. Benji Holroyd


5. Eye Republic


6. Grafix Unlimited


7. Plastico Camera


8. Ina Wimmer


9. Dreamten Studios


10. Earl Paed


11. Ed McGowan


12. Dario Monetini



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