3 Great Apps For Reverse Number Lookup On Android


You are having a busy day at work, and someone keeps calling and calling. It’s an unknown number, and the curiosity just goes through the roof! Yes, it is one of the most annoying feelings ever!

But what if things turn suspicious, and you are at a point, where this needs to be resolved. Nowadays, we have all heard about various scams and theft happening through phone calls. Also, having a call from a suspicious number is alarming to a great degree.

Most of the time, when we face unknown numbers calling us, it’s a sure sign that it’s our network provider calling us for some new offers or payment plans.

But then again there are private numbers who don’t disclose their number. But did you know that you can reverse track the phone call? Yes! It is possible to get the name and details of the caller that has been annoying you. This is by a process called reverse phone lookup.

3 Great Apps for Reverse Number Lookup on Android

Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking &Dialer


Now you must have heard of this app if not using it on a daily basis. Truecaller has a user base of more than 250 million active users. With Truecaller, you can block or look up phone numbers to see their authenticity. They advertise their service as a user-oriented caller ID feature. One of the major advantages of Truecaller is that the app can show the name of the caller even if you haven’t saved their name on your device. This is done by gathering data from millions of users around the world. As the user base increases, the caller ID feature gets more robust.

If you want your mobile completely spam-free, there is an option in Truecaller that automatically blocks spams calls coming into your device. You can use the features of this app without paying a dime for it. However, unpaid version of this software will have ads in them. You will be asked to create an account on Truecaller first before accessing the software or their web service. Truecaller app is available for both Android and Ios.

3 Great Apps for Reverse Number Lookup on Android2

Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Number Lookup


Next up is called Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Number Lookup. This app has been operating in more than 40 different countries. With this app, you can identify numbers, block them, and record calls. The app is designed in a modern materialistic way. Not only that, the app will find and organize social media profiles of your contacts. This includes their Facebook, Twitter, Gmail ID, etc. The contacts are arranged in a well-formatted style so that you can browse through them with ease.


• Caller ID feature when a call comes
• Reverse number lookup for any number
• An intuitive call recorder that helps you to store conversations

As soon as a call comes, the app crosschecks the number to its vast database. If the number checks out to be spam, it is shown on the screen. It also checks the numbers text you on WhatsApp and verifies their authenticity.

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

3 Great Apps for Reverse Number Lookup on Android3



PeopleFinders is a leading provider for consumers and businesses seeking detailed insights on people, places and things in the United States. It helps consumers quickly search billions of records spanning the last 40 years, and delivers more comprehensive and accurate results than competitor services.

The third most popular and useful caller ID app on the market is Mr. Number. The app has a complex algorithm that will save you from spammers and suspicious numbers. The app also uses the details of the spammers, targeting you to warn others on the network. So every user is benefiting from every other user.

The app automatically blocks private number calls to your number. The app is also highly customizable, making it easy for you to control what’s being blocked or if you want to unblock a blocked number. The app is also lightweight, making it an excellent option to run on your device.

There it is, the three best apps for reverse number lookup on android. If you are getting an unusual number of spam calls and private calls, it is best to install one of these apps to let you block all of them reaching your phone.

There has been a tremendous increase in fraudulent activities specifically targeting mobile numbers. Protect yourself and your family by installing a caller ID feature. If you are looking to configure your mobile with your PC for maximum security, here’s where you can download android USB drivers.


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