4 Best N64 Emulators for Android and Windows


If you were born into 19’s then you probably familiar with cartridge games. In the list of those games N64 games were something everyone remembered after launching some trending games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 007 Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Fable, and Pokemon Stadium and so on. However, since PlayStation comes, the trend of playing these games is over. Most of people out there who had enjoyed playing these games wants to play them again, but since there is console they were used to is, no longer available easily and no one have much time to go into that fuss. For such situation there are emulators available, and by mean of emulators you must have some emulators specifically made to support N64 games.

So, if you are looking for one of the best N64 emulators then this list is for you, check below given best n64 emulators to play N64 games on your device:

  1. Project64 (Windows)

Project64 is pretty popular N64 emulator for windows operating system. Project64 emulator is completely written in C++ and C programming languages. This emulator is also very lightweighted and requires around 2mb of space on your Windows system. It has been on the market since very long time and now other platforms have taken the lead and the development of these emulators becomes very slow.  Majority of the emulator you will find are not perfectly capable and So you may find issue playing some games but that’s worth using a free emulator. You may need to have bunch of these emulators around because it may happen that some emulator will support few games and some will supports others.

Project64 supports plugins for video, audio, and controller input for extra features as well. You can also unlock extra features with built-in cheats and GameShark codes. It also allows you to play games with nearly any USB gamepad and customize the button layout.

  1. RetroArch (Android)

RetroArch is an open-source project made for Android which clearly tells us that, its gonna be free, so if you are a open source lover then this can be for you.  RetroArch is capable of playing N64 game and could be the best n64 emulator for you. It has dozens of features which you will like for sure and the best part is that it doesn’t have any Ads which makes the interface more clear and user friendly. Some of its best features are, Brand new eye-candy menus to choose from,  Scan files / directories and add them to game system collections, View database information about each game once added to a collection, Download programs (‘cores’) online, Update everything, Download Game & Watch games and play them with our exclusive Game & Watch emulator, Built-in input remapping, Ability to remap controls, Ability to enter and load cheat, Multi-language support,  and over 80+ programs now and counting. So, if you are an android user finding for and N64 emulator for you android device then this can be it for you.

  1. CEN64 (Windows)

CEN64 is known as a Cycle-Accurate Nintendo 64 Emulator which is pretty capable of playing N64 games. This is supported on PC, so if you are thinking to play on your Android device then you probably should skip this one. It is supports all the three major OS on PC on Windows OS, Mac and Linux as well.

This open source project is still ongoing so you might get more features in its updated version.

4. ClassicBoy (Android)

ClassicBoy is one of the famous emulator for android which is capable of playing games of N64. Not only N64 but this android emulator is also capable of playing games of other platforms too such as Playstation, NES, SNK NeoGeo, Sega and GameBoy(classic, Advance, Color) as well. Playing your favorite N64 games is way too easy, you will find it interesting for sure.


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