4 Major Tourist Attractions in Malaga


“Malaga” is one of the most famous tourist destinations all around the worlds about thousands of tourist visit here every year. This place offer all rejoice of tourism architectural sites, beaches, hiking, art museums and excellent shopping experience and also the amazing food. If you are interested cultural and historical attraction then this place is only for you here in the old city of Malaga, the surrounding and weather of this place remain awesome throughout the year. Hotels and guest houses are beautiful here in Malaga there are various luxury as well as normal hotels are situated.

Here some most beautiful attraction of Malaga:

1. La Alcazaba

“La Alcazaba” is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist spot in Malaga, this place has specific historic importance, this place witnessed passage of Arab people in Andalusia. About 100 towers are situated at this place, including La Torre De La Vela which is highest of all from the top of this tower you have look of whole city. Alcazaba Fortress was constructed in 1040 by king Badis from Zirid dynasty; the motive for this huge construction is to save the family from invaders. The fortress was raised up on a huge hill top.

2. Gibralfaro Castle

Moorish castle was the old name of this Gibralfaro castle, actually this is the ruins of a Moorish castle. In Phoenician Punic period the construction of this castle took place, this is one of the most beautiful places for the tourist. This place remains open for visitors for particular time between 9:00 and 18:00. Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castle are joined through two towers this is the passage for communication between these two places. From this place you can have view of whole city I can award this place as the diamond for photographers.

3. Roman Theater

Roman theatre is one of the oldest buildings in Malaga; this has its own historic importance for about four centuries from now this theater was used as the main entertainment source in this place. This theater is located very close to Alcazaba Fortress; the roman theater was constructed by Caesar Augustus a famous Roman Emperor and it was used in third century. This place was hidden for many years but in recent year archeologist found the ruins of this place and now government is creating garden over this place. One should visit this place if you are a fan of old culture and art.

4 The Picasso Museum

Painter Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous artist in the world, the born year was 1881 and the place was Malaga. This is the reason of the existence of Picasso museum, this museum was opened in 2003 in Buenavista palace. Here you can find most beautiful paintings drawn by this golden start. The main reason of this museum is not to attract tourist, the reason is to take the culture of this place around the world.

These are the few most beautiful places in Malaga where one should visit during their visit to Malaga.


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