4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Enterprise Server


The success of any business enterprise is dependent on the nature of the servers it uses for storing its data. That is why it’s important to take time in understanding what it takes to find the right kind of Enterprise servers.  The required servers should be able to meet the company’s needs effectively. Wrong choice of servers can result in poor performance of the business systems and can even lead to a complete shut-down of other company processes that are dependent on information from the servers.  Such bad decisions can be disastrous. However, choosing the right server is never that easy. There are quite a number of options in the market that one would be required to choose from and they can be very confusing. Making a decision on what server to use can determine the difference between the success and failure of an enterprise.

Companies or businesses should consider so many factors before purchasing their servers. Here, we are going to talk about those factors. Take a look:

Intended Use

The type of server you choose for your business depends on what you intend to use it for.  There are different servers for different purposes.  For example mail servers and web servers do not serve the same purpose. Any enterprise must put server functionality in mind before purchasing one. You must ensure that you choose the right server for your business.

There is also the other aspect of how often the company would want to access their data. Some information needs to be accessed as often and as quickly as possible depending on usage. A business must find a server that would not make it hard for them to access it whenever they need it.

The other thing is to know whether you would want your workstation workers to access data remotely or right within your business premises. The requirements for both of these scenarios differ greatly.  Installing a server within your business location would require space as opposed to when your data is hosted by a third party service provider.

Cost of Server

A business enterprise must first consider how much they are willing to pay for a server. Servers do not cost the same. Linux and Windows operating systems, for example, do not cost the same. A business should purchase a server that they can afford, while putting other factors like reliability and functionality in to consideration. Therefore, it is good to consider the needs of your business before purchasing a server. Only buy what you are sure you are going to utilize so that you don’t spend your money on what is irrelevant to your business.  As you purchase a server for your business, remember to put a provision for the cost of any future upgrades. Businesses should not make a mistake of buying a server that would be too costly when it comes to upgrading it in future when the need arises.


Every business enterprise must plan for growth. As a business grows, it server needs also grow. Small and large business enterprises must ensure that in case a need for expansion occurs in the future, the existing server infrastructure should provide room for expansion.  Purchasing a server that would allow future upgrades is very important.  Make sure that the servers you settle on have sockets that can support other components like processers or CPU cores when you need to upgrade your systems in future. This would spare the business from having to buy totally new servers for their growing needs. Getting a server that is scalable is not something to be ignored.


It is a desire of any business enterprise to grow. A growing business would at some point outgrow the existing server infrastructure. This necessitates the addition of more servers to meet the new demands. In such a case, no business enterprise can make the mistake of bringing in new servers before confirming whether they would be compatible with the existing servers. Hardware and software differ from one service provider to another. Test first for compatibility before making the final purchase.

No business or company can survive the costly mistake of not considering what would be best for them in terms of their server needs. Choosing the wrong server can lead to various challenges in the course of running your business. The performance of any enterprise network systems is largely dependent on the type of servers they use for storing their data. Making the correct choice of servers would definitely go a long way in taking care of the business data storage needs. So, if you are looking around for a server for your business, you definitely must make your choices based on all these factors. Your business server needs are better taken care of in the right way.


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