4 Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh


“Edinburgh” is one of the major city of Scotland, if you are planning your trip here then I think it will be the best trip ever, since place has everything for everyone. There are various beautiful tourist spot such as St. Giles cathedral, Edinburgh Castle and the Scotland museum. This city offers rush hush free environment free from pollution, this place is beautiful, orderly and clean. This city is surrounded by various other cities, the architecture of this city is very appropriate each house has its different structure but they are arranged in a wonderful order, all the houses are painted and well maintained with different colors and decorated with the colorful flowers. These all are the major things which attract thousands of tourists every year.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Edinburgh city is divided in two parts old town and new town, both are beautiful but most of the tourist starts their journey from old town. Here some most beautiful attraction:

1. Palace of Holyroodhouse

“Holyroodhouse” which is commonly known as Holyrood Palace, is one of the most beautiful buildings in Scotland and also this palace is the residence of Monarch of United Kingdom in Scotland. When you enter in this place you will get the feeling of being present at the world’s most beautiful place, since in this Palace visitors can explore 14 apartments with the help of audio tour. This apartment is very well known as the home of Mary (the queen of Scotland), she uses them for ceremonies and parties.

2. National Museum of Scotland

National museum is one of the oldest buildings existing in Scotland; this place can tell you about the complete history of this place. Here you can find the oldest fossils and articles; these are arranged in chronological arrangement. So this makes easy to understand the reasons of evolution as well as the speed of evolution, the order of arrangement begins with prehistory than medieval period and then later periods. Here exist another building called as Victorian building which has 16 exhibition halls, each hall is covering different subject East Asian art, Ancient Egypt, natural history and many more.

3. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most beautiful castle in the world and also the top most attraction of Scotland, I think this is the best place I ever seen in my life each and every part of this castle is designed with care and I think you all will capture each and every part of this castle in your cameras. This place is always occupied with tourist in every month; this is the most amazing place in the world and most famous especially because of the location of this place.

4. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Royal Botanic Garden is exactly same as per its name “Royal”, this garden is the 2nd oldest garden of United Kingdom. This garden was constructed in 1670, and I can say it is the most magnificent garden of United Kingdom total covered area is of about 70 acres, this place is has one of the richest collection of plants on earth.

I think everyone should visit this place one in their life time, this place offers all the leauser which any one desire.


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