4 Web Design Trends That Make All the Difference Today


There are dozens of popular web design trends but one business can’t possibly use them all. Trying that will only turn your page into a mess of elements that while cool individually create an unappealing chaos when mixed. If you want to have a really amazing page today, you’ll need to focus on these specific web design trends that actually work great together.

4 Web Design Trends That Will Make your Website Fantastic

1.    Minimalism + bold pictures

The minimalistic design still prevails in 2018. It’s quite understandable as today we live in the world overloaded with visual information. Therefore, you need to offer your visitors a chance to ‘rest their eyes’. However, you also need to captivate their attention and make sure your pages are memorable instead of bland.

To do this, add one bold visual per page. An HD picture relevant to the content will work best as about 65% of people are visual learners. This means that they memorize information better when it’s associated with an image. Note that sometimes you might need to use more than one image per page. In this case, ensure they match in style and don’t ‘overwhelm’ each other.

2.    Broken grid layout

Web design trends of 2018 call for broken grid layouts that appeal to the modern love of asymmetry. They also conveniently offer a perfect setup for incorporating the bold visuals mentioned above. For example, you can do it like this:

You can also use short videos or animations in place of pictures. However, you’ll need to consider the capabilities of your server as well as your hosting service package. Using ‘heavy’ visuals will eat up the bandwidth and lower your website loading speed. It’ll be best to stick with simple ‘light’ visuals as they can be easily supported by the services that offer hosting for beginners. You can upgrade your website and its visual content when you can afford a more expensive package.

3.    Shadows

Using shadows in web design is by no means a new trend. In fact, it’s a basic drawing technique. However, today it comes ‘into the light’ because shadows are a perfect complement to the minimalistic design.

Using them gives your cool grids more depth, like this:

You can use shadows to su8btly highlight the elements you want the visitors to focus on, such as CTA (Call to Action) buttons.

4.    Micro animations

Remember that talk about hosting limitations? As a website for a small business, you are unlikely to afford enough bandwidth to use HD videos on the page. However, you do need to bring the website to life somehow.

Micro animations are an affordable solution that enhances the website style. There are limitless options of those available. You can animate some elements, like making buttons change their shape/color/size when activated or adding creative animated scrolling. You also should consider animated logos and perhaps even backgrounds.

However, don’t forget that all elements of your website must work together well and the overall design must be minimalistic. Under these terms, you’ll have to restrict yourself only to small animations that are subtle, but efficient, like the shadows.


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