4 Website Design Errors You Should Not Make


With the rapid continuous revolution of Internet, the no. of websites is increasing with every passing day. If you are also thinking to create your website, then lemme warn you that making any site stand out of the crowd is something very tough. If you don’t do the smart work, put passion into your website, then please replace the word ‘tough’ with ‘impossible’. This may put your courage down, but truth is always hard to accept. To make any site stand out of crowd, the first and foremost thing that matters is the website designing. Most of website owners don’t take it seriously. Make sure that you don’t come among them. Take the design of website with a serious note, make it impressive, then only your website can engage the reader with it.

Website Design Errors You Should Not Make

To help you design your website perfectly, I’m posting here the 4 website design errors. Do read them out below.

No Search Box

Most of website designers don’t add any search box to their website. This is the most common mistake that you should not make at any cost. Come on, visitors are not free to search manually for the stuff they are looking for in your website. Including a search box in the website makes it simple for the visitors to quickly look for the stuff they want to find in your website.

Bad Navigation

If the navigation on your website is bad, then it will leave a bad impression on the visitor. Like I said, the visitors don’t have time. Don’t do anything which result in the wastage of their time. Bad Navigation is what wastes the time most. Make sure that your website’s navigation is easy and intuitive.

Poor Format of Content

The content on your website is your property. It is what is the reason for which any visitor is visiting your website. Make sure that the format of content published is not poor. Always write for readers, not for search engines, not for printers, please! Use the subheading, bold, italic text etc., on appropriate places so that all can contribute to an easy-to-read content.

Text-Only Web Design

I have seen many websites which are nothing but a place to find text and text only. Visitors don’t want to dive into the sea of words. Use of images and beautiful colors, and animations keep the visitors glued to the website. Make sure you use them in the perfect manner in your website’s design.

Comments And Contacts Pages

In many websites, there isn’t any comment features and contact page, in some contact page there is only voice mail address. If visitor are not allowed to comment and contact freely, what’s the use in owning a website?  Again  it will leave a bad impression on the visitor.


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