5 Attractions in Indonesia for Photography Lovers


“Indonesia” is one of the most beautiful place is the world, in my prospective this place is heaven for photographers  and if you want to be an most famous photographer then you should start or initiate your carrier from this place only. After doing a huge amount of research here I m listing some most beautiful photographic location in Indonesia. The reason of the beauty is the location of this place since it is situated over equatorial belt this place of full of resources and greenery.

1. Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Mount Rinjani, Lombok

Rinjani is the most beautiful mountain in whole Indonesia this place has its own charm and beauty, after having the look of the beauty of this place you will surely become fan of this place. After reaching the apex of this place you can get the most beautiful scenery view of the entire mountain across this mountain. The green panorama with beautiful lakes and vacant land become the main attraction here you can find peace everywhere in the environment. If have enough amount of time then try to spend morning time at the Segara Anak lake. The height of this lake is about 2,000 meters from sea level this is a magical creation of nature. So I think every photographer ant to capture this precious lake and mountain in their cameras.

2. Mount Bromo, East Java

“Mount bromo”is an active volcano in East java this place is famous for the sunrise in whole world, large amount of tourist and photographer wait for the sunrise or for the first ray of sun to get a fantastic shot. This place has temperature of about 10 degree Celsius in morning but then also nature photographer wait patiently.  This place prepares fantastic scenery shot which is loved by everyone. Hurry up and come to this place to get your perfect shot!!

3. Harau Valley, West Sumatra

There are many valleys in Indonesia in all of them West Sumatra has most beautiful valleys in Indonesia, if you want to feel the beauty of nature you should go to Lima Puluh Kota this is the only place where nature is very less touched by human. You can find fields and green rice plant surrounded by huge cliffs making it a perfect place to capture a beautiful short. The weather conditions are very hot but the water which is flowing over the land is very cold and when you see a single drop of crystal clear water you can feel the beauty of each drop.

4. Labuan Bajo, NTT

This place offers you a complete combination of water, land and sky. During the sunny days this place offers you an amazing glow which ideal to get captured and this combination makes this place a natural phenomenon.

5. Baluran National Park, East Java

Baluran national park is one of the most famous national parks over here. If you really want to have the taste of Africa then you should visit here in dry season during that time you can find savanna trees getting yellow and providing you the perfect shot to capture.

These are the few most beautiful places where one should go to capture some most beautiful moments.


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