5 Microsoft Office Features that you might not know


I suppose Microsoft Office seems to be a top choice apparatus of any individual. Any individual who studying a PC first he studies the Microsoft Office! Since regular Microsoft Office is suitable for doing little or enormous work at Office or at Home or at College for Presentation’s, Spreadsheets, making of Documents, Charts & considerably more! Microsoft each times includes new fascinating characteristics in their Products. Their are numerous forms of Microsoft Office comes in Market arbitrarily like Ms Office 2003/2007/2010 & now Microsoft Office 2013 is most recent result of Microsoft .This time Microsoft Launch the Office 2013 with intriguing characteristics for Their Windows 8 Operating System !

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The Windows 8 is intriguing OS by Microsoft in light of the fact that it utilized within tablets,smartphones So Microsoft make Their different items Windows 8 Friendly i.e MS Office 2013 is likewise utilized on tablets & Smartphone’s which are with Windows 8 .So for presentation we giving top 5 fascinating characteristics of Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office Features

1. Touch Screen:

As we said Microsoft making their items Windows 8 benevolent the new Microsoft Office 2013 fundamental characteristic is Touch Screen ! Windows 8 is the working framework which essentially intended for Touch interface .The MS Office 2013 is effectively took care of on Touch interfaces .You can effortlessly make updates in record or presentation by utilizing for fingers .Just tap any characteristic & you can effortlessly work that characteristic .You can Zoom Any slide or archive by utilizing fingers .You can utilize stylus for wring content on document/presentation/spreadsheets. You can utilize stylus as Laser Pointer at time of Presentation! It is exceptionally simple taking care of in touch screen!

2. Sky-Drive:

Save your take on mist. It is extremely helpful since If you spare your document/presentation/spreadsheet on mist you can effortlessly handle it from anyplace. MS Office 2013 gives the transfer catch which recovers your report at mist then their is additionally alternative to impart to others i.e. you can tackle that report with others! You can utilize that record on any gadget !

3. Digital notes:-

This is one of my top choice things to do in my recreation time. Well MS Office 2013 permits you taking notes & store that Notes on mist & handle that notes from anyplace, whenever and with any mechanism with the assistance of Digital Notes and so on. Keyboard, touch or pen effortlessly.

4. Presentation:-

While exhibiting, one can zoom, stamp up and go slides with touch and stylus. HD movie with presentations.

5. Skype:

The all new MS Office 2013 is integrated with Skype and gives 60 international Skype Minutes Every month for free ! It integrates all contacts & you can call or message them & stay connected with them. This feature really makes Microsoft office useful application.


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