6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design


A lot goes into the making of a website since its fonts, colors, over all layout as well as images matter a lot. If these things are cared for, then it can potentially create the biggest ever difference for the website. Therefore, it is important to enhance the popularity of a website and the following tips should not be overlooked in any way if you are looking for improving the web design.

Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design
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Website should have a colorful logo

Logo is the backbone of a website and it need to be prominently designed and visible. It is preferable to use high resolution image in every page and the most important place stands out to be the upper left corner.  Along with that, you should not forget to link back the logo to home page so that visitors are easily able to navigate it.

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Develop responsive site

It is important to develop a responsive site which can effectively and emphatically adapt to the size of the browser. Since, by doing so the design is going to automatically adapt to the most conducive way by which the site is going to be viewed.

Avoid clutter

These days there have been over use of clutter in terms of graphics, animated gifs along with photographs that becomes a constant source of pain for the eyes of one and all.  Therefore, if you are looking to minimize clutter on landing pages, the best way it can be done is to limit the use of links as well as options in both header as well as footer so that the focus can be narrowed quite a lot like the way you want.

Make paragraphs and images apart from each other

There should be sufficient space between images as well as paragraphs so that it looks good and it should equally give great view to the readers as it enhances the beauty of site even further.

Make wise use of color

It is important that proper color should be used so that the website speaks volumes about its modern, clean as well as elegant appearance. It is advisable to use small dashes of color for the key graphics along with headlines as it work wonders in guiding visitors towards the most important content. Along with that, one should equally use small dashes of color for key graphics as well as headlines as by using so, visitors naturally gets attracted towards the most important content.

Make use of fonts that can be easily read across browsers and devices

It is important to understand that the website is not just accessed from laptop; readers equally browse it through mobile devices. Therefore, do not make the use of large-scaled fonts which in spite of being quite good on computer screen, does not read in a great way on mobile devices. Therefore, in the process, it looses it charisma and look. Hence, it should be avoided. Finally, aforesaid are the 6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Web Design and you need to take care of each one of them


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