7 Amazing Superman Infographic Designs


Man of Steel is indeed registering never ending craze in the theaters and it has created quite a lot of hype about the character of superman. So, if you are looking to find out more, then the following article is going to help you towards letting you know about the character of superman. So, how will it be done?

You will be highlighted about the character through the infographics as there are some of the choicest of information which you were always eager to know. Therefore, you are surely going to love reading the following article which besides going to educate you, will equally be a source of entertainment as well.

What is the greatest part of being attracted is the fact that how superman got into the shoes of various interesting look charts which is easy to be understood by one and all. Needless to say, that it was not possible without the help of designers.

Superman infographic design one

Look, up in the sky! / Celebrating 75 years of Superman

Look, up in the sky! / Celebrating 75 years of Superman infographic by Hugo A Sanchez.

If you want to have a look at the detailed and complete infographic about man of steel, then this infographic is going to do justice for you. it furnishes all the details about the history of superman as it played in TV shows and movies. There is equally a room which highlights the strength and power a superman possess along with the things he is highly vulnerable as well. Hence, you love the infographic for sure.

Superman infographic design ( The Costs of Being Clark Kent )

Life becomes dull in the absence of any jokes. Hence, the infographic makes full use of this reason towards creating a light-hearted situation to amuse readers. It shows the extent of expense which will be incurred in the event when the man of steel is indeed going through a revamp in the movies. Therefore, this infographic is indeed very interesting as well.

Superman infographic design ( The Saga of Superman)

The Saga of Superman

The Saga of Superman infographic

The retro newspaper look will impress you. Being laid at par with the traditional news format, you will simply love to read each and every piece of news.

Superman infographic design ( Superman 101 Digital Comics Sale)

Superman 101 Digital Comics Sale

Superman 101 Digital Comics Sale infographic

This infographic boasts about the most graphical design element. Here, you will get the highlights of various different characters which are there in the universe of superman.

Superman infographic design ( The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon)

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon

The Shield of Superman: The Evolution of an Icon infographic

In the inforgraphic, you will get to know in detail about the different changes which took place in the superman chest symbol between 1930s and 2012. The news will surely surprise you since there are whopping 10 changes which have taken place as this piece of infographic highlights the same aspect as well.

Superman infographic design ( The Justice League Founding Members)

The Justice League Founding Members

The Justice League Founding Members infographic by linchpinseo.

 This infographic highlights the membership of Justice League and amongst the founding members. The list won’t be doing justice if Superman is not included as a founding member. Every care is taken to make the design nice by making the best use of shadow effects.

Superman infographic design ( The History of Superman)

The History of Superman

The History of Superman infographic by WebtiseUK.

If you want to see the history of superman, then there will not be any other inforgraphic which is going to do full justice than this one.


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