AP Intermediate Results 2014


Once the exams are over, the students are eager to know their fate through results. After the exam is over then for a week or so everybody enjoys a lot as the stress is over and now they don’t have to go through their text books anymore. But slowly when everything sinks in then the students get back into the stress mode again because it is the time for the results, the D-Day. The tension starts creeping in and it is not just for students who doesn’t do well in their exams, but also for the students who have done well too. The reason is simple as some wants to whether they have cleared the exam or not and some wants to know whether they have topped the AP Intermediate Results 2014 or not.

AP Intermediate Results 2014

AP Intermediate Results 2014 coming soon!

The Andhra Pradesh Boar of Intermediate Education has announced that the Intermediate Results will be declared by the end of April 2014. The result date for the Vocational Stream and the General stream is the same. So if you are a Vocational Stream student then also you can expect your result to be out by the end of April this year.

Mobile is making it easy

Now with mobile devices available at a cheap rate we all have one for ourselves and this is the reason Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Exams has made it a point that they will make the results available on mobile devices too. For this reason they have made the students aware of how they will be able to get the result in their mobile.

They have to type in the first which stream they belong to like General or Vocational and then followed by the roll number. Then they have to send the message to a number that will be notified through every media later. You can use this simple and easy way of receiving your marks.

But when you are using the mobile make sure that type in the name of the stream in full capital letters, for example, if you are a student of the General stream, then you have to type in APGEN and then depending on the year of the course write 1 for first year and 2 for 2nd year. Apart from writing the whole thing in capital, you also have to remind yourself that you cannot leave space in between. The obvious thing is that you have to type in your correct roll number, but what happens is that as the students are stressed out most of the time they get it all wrong. Another important thing is that the SMS charges will be the normal charge that is generally charged when you are sending SMS for AP Intermediate Results 2014.

AP Intermediate Results 2014 Verifying the mark-sheet

Though nowadays it is easy to get your AP Intermediate Results 2014 delivered at your doorstep, but it is important that you verify your marks with your original mark sheet. Mostly the result shown in the mobile devices is correct, but then there are chances too that they might get it wrong.