6 Bad Academic Writing Habits and How to Break Them

Person using a pencil eraser to erase the bad habits from their life so they can start new

We often talked about that bad habits related to our lifestyle. For example, smoking drinking being obsessed with computer games, not calling our relatives on time, sleep deprivation, eating bad food and getting into toxic relationships one after another. At the same time there is no much information related to bad writing habits when it comes to academic assignments. We want to cover this topic in our article to make it easier for you to distinguish bad academic writing habits and decide on how to deal with the most efficiently and fast.

Choosing Topics Out of the Blue Sky:

Mostly you have a general topic that you need cover, but it doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a second, narrower topic for your essay or capstone project. How many students just pick up their first topic they stumbled upon online or in their textbook, and later struggle to write a quality paper on this topic on time.

Solution. Please, understand, that being able to choose your own topic for your paper is a blessing not a burden. Do a brief research and choose the topic which interests you at least a little. This way, when you get stuck with writing, it will be easier for you to make yourself proceed. Well chosen topic is one of that biggest motivations to finish your paper on time.

Neglecting Academic Writing Help:

It is great idea to write all of your assignments on in your own, basically, it is what you are supposed to do, and it is amazing if you manage to do it every semester. However, you should think realistically and assess your writing load based on your ultimate goal which is graduation. Self-sufficiency is a valuable idea, but, at the same time, it should not harm your future.

Solution. Choose that most suitable company among quality academic writing services, and use it as your plan B in case of emergencies. It doesn’t mean you should delegate every assignment you get, it only means that you will be prepared when that crisis comes.

Leaving Formatting to the Last Minute:

It is tricky, but if you follow your textbook manual 8 to the dot, you still have a chance to fail with your assignment. In textbook formatting is almost the last step, but in reality following this advice is harmful. Though students consider formatting as just a waste of time, professors are very strict about it. When you leave it to the last minute, you often can’t do it at the needed level.

Solution. If you are sure you will use our particular in text citation/bibliography entry, use sedation generators to create them while writing the paper, don’t leave it to the last moment. This way, you will be done with that most valuable part of formatting even if the deadline is scarily close.

Using Outdated Sources to Save Time:

Do you don’t want to do anything to save time on academic writing, and we can’t blame them. However, saving time by choosing outdated sources for your paper is one all that worst options you can think about. Only plagiarism is verse. With the development of the online databases, professors want to see only fresh references in your papers.

Solution. Use Google Scholar search and don’t neglect libraries and online libraries your college or university has contracts with.

Editing Not Strictly Enough:

All the best papers are polished for hours. Even the best writers ever don’t neglect hiring professional editors and correctors to make their manuscripts more quality. If you don’t have that money and ambition, you still have to pay attention to editing and proofreading, as your professor definitely will.

Solution. Use online plagiarism checkers intensely, buy a paid version for at least half a year. Read your papers aloud to spot awkward phrases and too long sentences.

Stating the Obvious:

If you have nothing new to say regarding the particular topic, you should either drop this topic or try much harder to find a fresh angle. Professors get sick of reading the same thought from one essay to another, don’t let your essay be another bore and disappointment.

Solution. Read more about the topic, don’t choose topics which can’t be discussed for real in a sane society, look for new angles, create senses and walk in the shoes of those who disagree with your point of view.