Best 5 scuba diving spots in the world


What’s the definition of perfect holiday to you people? Probably doing some healthy activities at some place you really like and then comes the food that tastes heavenly! Once upon a time, vacations meant something very typical like going to a tourist spot and just having a luxurious holiday in some starred hotels. People don’t really find amusement in these now, the height has reached a different level. People are more adventurous now, no matter what the vacation spot is, it must include some adventures! Even as risky as life threatening ones; the more risky it is, more fun you get. Hiking, sky and scuba diving etc. are the activities people really opt for now. So, before going on a vacation it’s worth spending time on the places you want to go. For you, we have specially picked up scuba diving, thought it would be the best adventurous thing to do and below we have listed the best 5 scuba diving spots in the world.

Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations


This is the country that is blessed with natural diversity and plenty of adventurous places. To the scuba divers, the Great Barrier Reef is probably the best scuba diving facility in the world. This reef is situated in vast areas, beginning from Lizard Island through Whitsunday Island. To most of the scuba divers, this is the place they dream about.


Jordan is situated in the eastern bank of the River Jordan; and you will get amazing scuba diving offers if you go there. In the beach, there are several places designated to be only scuba diving spots. You can enjoy adventures of diving across Cedar pride through the Saudi borders. Also if you like underwater life including various types of corals, then this is the perfect place you are looking for.


Thailand itself is one of the nicest places in the world – if you are considering travelling beside scuba diving. In terms of scuba diving, it’s also rated one of the bests among the famous scuba divers. There are beautiful spots like Phuket, Sicilian Island, Surain Island etc. where you can meet experts and learners at the same time. If safety is your biggest concern and you are also short on money, then this might be the place you are looking for.


Are you an avid scuba diver? Then you really would love to visit Blue Hole. It’s in Belize and trust me, this unique diving site is going to please like no other spots. It’s sort of circular shaped, 1000 feet wide and has a depth of 400 feet. It’s risky to dive in Belize and you really have to have skills like a pro.


It’s located in Philippines which is known as tropical paradise and indeed it’s a best scuba diving spot. This place attracts risk loving night divers and those who really want to dive in the rocks. Just be extra careful! And after diving, just pick whatever you want to eat – flounder, crabs, nudibranchs…everything you will get here!

Our objective was to give you a brief idea on some best scuba diving spots and we think we are successful on our attempt. Of course there are many more which we couldn’t cover, let us know if you want a specific review on any specific diving spots. And above all, remember safety first and happy diving!


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