What Antivirus to get for Kindle Fire HD?


Android is the emerging portable device platform now and it has occupied pretty much all of the portable devices now, except the iOS devices. No matter which tablet device you pick, you will find Android and they are cheaper than the others. You will find a significant number of cheap Android tablets on the market and they are outweighing the market! Android tablets are budget oriented; you can find tablets from $50 to as higher as you can go.

Kindle Fire HD is one highly popular Android tablet from Amazon; it’s basically an eBook reader but can perform other tasks like the mainstream Android devices as well. When you use a device of such precision, you should use Android antivirus software as well. Now, which antivirus is the best antivirus for Kindle Fire HD?

Let’s have a look at three of them. But be informed that unlike other tablets in the market, the Kindle Fire HD doesn’t come with Google Play Store pre-installed; you have to download apps into this tablet from Amazon’s own store. We assume that you have installed Play Store your tablet, and so we are talking about the antivirus apps available in the Play Store.


Like always, you just can’t count Avast! out of any antivirus review. From PC to handheld devices running on Android, everywhere Avast kept their presence. You can call it the best security software for Android. It’s not only an Antivirus; it has a wide range of security tools as well. You can protect your phone if it gets stolen. If a non-registered SIM card is entered in your phone, the phone won’t start up without a PIN. And you can get notified in any other number if an unauthorized SIM is entered in your phone. You can track the phone on a map, can wipe all your data, and many other stuff. Sounds just perfect! Some functions require your device to be rooted to perform its fullest.

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Once you get this app from Play Store, you need not to worry about security; runs better on faster tablets with bigger RAMs.


Just like Avast!, AVG also made sure to make their footprint on Android. You can get the free version or the paid one, according to your preference and security needs. AVG has actually come a long way, you will feel that using this version for Android. Almost no antivirus in Android OS is not only an antivirus, they perform multiple tasks like task killer, anti-theft etc. AVG is no difference, they offer this option too.

When you install the free version, you get a 14 days trial option to the pro version; in case you want to change your mind.


This awesome security software manufacturing company has got a whole lot of security features for their Android app including the Mobile Security & Antivirus app. You can download it for free from the Play Store but you will need to sign up with Bitdefender to keep enjoying the service. It’s free.

And after installation, you will be asked to do a full scan of your system and at the ending phase, the app tend to connect to Bitdefender server. There might have been a bug in here as sometimes it reports about not being able to connect to the servers.

All these apps are good enough to protect your tab from cyber thieves. Which one would you be getting for your Kindle Fire HD?


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