Best Antivirus HTC One X


HTC One X, one most hyped smartphone of the year 2012. HTC hasn’t revealed many smartphones like the other smartphone manufacturers actually did. But that didn’t make HTC fall back in the crazy competition of manufacturing smartphones throughout a year. These few phones decently pushed HTC through the year and these were the most selling ones. With HTC One X, there was nothing much to worry about because HTC  knew a smartphone of this specs will definitely win the market. It actually did. Learn more about How to Get File Manager on the HTC One

And security must be overlooked in such smartphones because, just imagine someone just hacked into your smartphone and stole all your credit card data. How would that feel like?

Right, it feels disastrous. Prevent someone from doing that to your phone, take precaution and get an antivirus for your HTC One X smartphone from the Google Play Store. Here are some picks for the best antivirus for HTC One X.

Best Antivirus HTC One X


Alright, you can call Avast unofficially the best antivirus software for your HTC One X but I’m sure there is someone who would officially call this the best antivirus software for smartphones, just like they are for the PC platform. Antivirus, Web Tracker, Task Manager, Anti-theft all these you get in only one app package. The antivirus is instantly activated once you setup this app on your HTC One X. It will keep running in background, which sometimes makes slower devices stutter but with HTC One X, the phone won’t even feel the bite. The app will track the websites your browse and alert you if there’s any security issues concerned. The Task Manager is fully compatible with any versions of Android. Although Android 4.0 and above versions won’t need this because of the integrated task manager, but if you Gingerbread or prefer to use a more advanced task killer than this might come handy.

The phone tracker is the best part. You can track your phone on a map. You can wipe your phone simply by logging into your Avast web account, even by sending an SMS. As easier as you could never imagine; just try it out!

NQ Mobile

The free version of this software provides you with an option to upgrade to its premium version, which is a paid one if you are looking for extra features. Once you install NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus in y our HTC One X, the app will perform a full system check that will include your downloaded files as well for viruses. While you browse the internet, the real time scanner will always be checking for threats.

The interface is easy to use, just swipe on both sides to access individual features. It costs $19.99 for the premium upgrade.

Zoner Antivirus Free

When you run Zoner Free Antivirus for HTC for the first time, you will be shown some options like a full scan of your device, which further enables you to filter your phone so that you don’t get annoying calls and SMS from unwanted numbers. And after the scan is done, you will get to know the features; and the real time shield will be running in the background. Zoner has added some missing features like SIM protection. There’s also a paid version of this app available.

So, which antivirus are you planning to get on your HTC One X?


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