7 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Rank


Best Ways to Improve Alexa RankEveryone knows that Alexa ranking is something, which can easily affect your blogging traffic. Certainly there are tricks and techniques by which you can find the significant results.  This article will concentrate on the tips of improving Alexa ranking quickly.

Top Ways of improving Alexa Ranking

Alexa Toolbar

one of the easiest ways on enhancing Alexa Ranking is by downloading Alexa toolbar via Alexa.com.  You have to simply click on the site and then install it as your browser.  Thus, whenever you will surf your blog, this toolbar will help you in tracking your own visit that will be counted as hits for your blog and gradually will benefit you with Alexa ranking.

Alexa Traffic Widget

It is a good idea to visit Alexa widget page and then place the widget on your blog. Hence, from every visit made on your blog will be calculated as hits for your blog and subsequently will improve the Alexa ranking.

Blog posting frequency

The frequency of blog posting as affects the Alexa ranking of your blog. Thus, regular posting is very important to improve the Alexa ranking.

Blog Niche

Alexa ranking also depends on the blogging niche. You choose the blogging niche to be blogging itself then the majority of visitors landing on your blog will be bloggers and web masters.  What gives you cherry on the cake is that they have installed Alexa toolbar then definitely it is going to increase the Alexa rank of your website.

Forums and Social networks

Most importantly, you must promote your blog on different forums and social networking sites related to bloggers and webmasters. This will serve your purpose in many ways.

Create Quality Backlinks

Building backlinks from reputed blogs is quite essential as it leads to some positive effects on your Alexa traffic ranking. Hence, it would be great if you create the right bend of different anchor texts and of do follow and no follow attributes.

Alexa Auto surfs

Though this tip is only very commendable for new blogs or the blogs which have a very low Alexa ranking. You can simply go to Google and look for Alexa autosurf, and try several keywords such as Alexa  auto-surf, improve Alexa automatic, Alexa boost up, Alexa program etc.  Hence, it will improve the automatic Alexa ranking.

These are the easiest and best ways to improve Alexa rank. If you use any other trick to decrease your Alexa rank then please share it in our comment section. Thanks for reading.


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