What you need to do at Different Stages of Parenting


The day a couple turn into parents is said to be the most beautiful day in their life. Some couples fear the day they’d turn parents. I believe there shouldn’t be anything as such. Needless to say, that parenting is a full-time tiring job. But, it could be fun too!

The consistent stress to care for a baby, clean her, bathe her, feed her, protect her and a lot more can cause anyone to dread having a baby. It could be a mess initially, but the content later is unmatched. Those sleepless nights are cherished more than they are complained about. Shopping for children, sharing your experiences, playing with them, entertaining them, can turn out to be your lifeline at hard times. There are many little things that can transform your life when a child becomes part of your life.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a parent? Whether you are planning to become a  biological parent or you are considering fostering as an option, as long as you think you can parent a child through their ups and downs in life you would definitely love to do it. If you are planning a child or you already have, you might need help with some basic parenting skills. Parenting isn’t just about giving birth, there is a lot more to parenting than just bringing a life into this world. And believe me, it is a never ending job! At different stages of your child’s life, you need different skills to tackle their problems. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure a healthy and progressive growth of your child.

For Infants Or Newborns

This is the stage where your child is actually unaware of everything. This is the time where you will spend most of your nights sleeplessly walking around to calm her, clean her, feed her, and typically everything concerned to her. This stage is very crucial as, whatever your child experiences at this stage, unconsciously shapes her behavior as she grows up. Make sure that you don’t let your child see or hear anything abusive in nature. Sing her good songs, tell her stories that’ll develop her mentally and emotionally, take her out for a stroll at the park. Make sure that whatever she sees or hears only makes a good impression on her. Your pediatrician would tell you to follow a proper dietary routine and tips on how to help her body develop the fastest way possible. Don’t skip these tips. Follow them by heart. These tips are not useless. For pregnant teenagers, this is an even more daunting task because they are children themselves and lack the maturity to take care of a child. If you are caring for such a teen, then you may have to mentor them from a very basic level.

For Young Kids

Now that your kid has grown up to understand your language and know what is going around, you need to be more careful. Take her out on trips, get involved in activities with her, and help her with her studies. There’s fun to it. The moment you begin spending your time with your child, you’ll realize that there could a number of things that she can teach you. This would actually be a smooth period where you can take out time for your family without worrying about anything. Just make sure that you spend quality time with your kids and your family. Teach your kid your ways of life and your culture. Whatever she learns now will govern her thought process through the rights and the wrongs of life. As she transcends from kid to adolescence, she’ll need you all the more. Pregnant teenagers have to be helped at this stage too because even though they would have reached early adulthood by now, they are still finding their feet.

The Adolescence

This is the toughest part of parenting and the most challenging too. There is nothing that you can follow to get this stage right. It’s all hit and trial now. You’ll start noticing physical and mental evolution in your child now. The article Mother-Baby Placements: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know explains that expecting teenagers need a great deal of care and support. They’ll start becoming moody and you cannot do anything to avoid this. All you can do is to face these problems. There can be times when they will not understand you. At times like these, you need to be patient and think clearly. You need to be the understanding one. Try to understand what they are trying to say. Get into their lives but make sure not to invade. Typically adolescents don’t like anyone invading their privacy. But as a parent, you need to be a little tactical as you are to know about them without letting them know.

The Adulthood

Don’t think that you can rest now. Your job isn’t over yet. Important decisions are to be made now. Help your child with choosing his career options, the school he should go to, or simply selecting an outfit for the prom. Although you have accomplished most of the tasks of parenting your child, they probably still need you. They need you in their life for guidance through tough decisions of their life. You have the necessary experience to help them out. So help them! Even though by now young adults have growing children, they’ve not had the time to go through life naturally. They will appreciate it later if you help them till their child hits their teenage years.

Parenting is a never-ending job, as already said. As long as you live on this earth and your children are alive, your parenting job is never over. They’ll seek your guidance from the moment they come on the face of this earth till the moment they see you off to another world. There is no set rule to parenting. Children are never old enough to outgrow you. They need parent’s blessings and care all the time, throughout their lives. Face their problems with wisdom, guide them through every stage of their lives. Parenting is all about preparing young ones for tomorrow’s challenges. Pass on your experience to them. The only thing that a parent can truly pass on to their offspring is their experience in life. Although this article will help you understand what parenting is, don’t consider this as a parenting guide. I personally believe that there is no such thing as a parenting guide. Parenting is a self-evolving process that goes on throughout one’s life.


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