Download BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC


How about transforming the Android apps and games in your handheld device to your personal computer or laptop? The best way to do so is to use an Android Emulator to transfer the Android operating system environment onto your PC. This makes the PC support all Android appps and games.

BlueStacks is one of the best emulation tool available crazy gamers. Its features and functionality have received great review for the electronics media. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator Tool which lets you to download any Android apps and games, to run and play it in your personal computer.


Features of BlueStacks Emulator Tool:

The BlueStacks Tool is loaded with amazing features that you will fall in love with it.

You can download and run any Android Application

You can download and play any Android games

The BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC is compatible with both and is absolutely free.

You need to use it, to experience its fun. So download it and enjoy.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC

To download this amazing tool, follow the simple steps mentioned below and enjoy the experience.

   Download Installer:

First of all you need to download the BlueStacks Installation Wizard File. This can be done in the Direct Link: Free Download BlueStacks (Windows and Mac) . For installation, it is does not require any active internet facility and can be done in offline mode.

Follow Instructions:

After BlueStacks download is complete, open the BlueStacks Offline Installer in the downloaded file. Stick to the commands displayed in the BlueStacks Offline Installer Wizard.

 Complete Installation:

After you have successfully completed the installation process, you may be asked to restart your computer to enamel you to use the tool.

 Use the Bluestacks Emulator:

After restarting your computer you will be able to use the tool according to your desire. Run the tool and enjoy over whelming excitement by downloading your favorite Android apps and games in your personal computer. The downloaded file is supported by both Windows 7/8 and MAC PC operating systems. So you can use the tool irrespective of the type of PC you are using.

How to Use the BlueStacks Emulator Tool: 

After installing the BlueStacks Emulator tool in your Windows 7/8 & MAC PC, you need to download your desired apps and games. Here is a simple tutorial to download the apps:

It has built-in apps like Pulse, Evernote, Fruit Ninja, etc. for initial trial. You can test these games on your PC. Simply, open the start screen and then select the application icon you wish to play.

You can download the desired application either by Google play or you can choose any other application store. Find the Search Bar on top of the page and look for the names of your preferred applications. Select the required apps from the displayed search result.

Using the downloader, you can choose from the millions of Android apps and games available. BlueStacks provides simple and easy access to the WeChat, Subway Surfers, Whatsapp on PC etc.

Download BlueStacks for Windows 7/8 & MAC PC and enjoy your favorite apps and games.


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