EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Review


There are many incidences where we accidentally delete a particular file and later regret about the incident. There are also some files which you might have deleted because of no significance but in future some need may arise for the same files.

In such cases there is an excellent utility available in the market known as the EaseUS data recovery wizard. The wizard is available as an initial free version which can later be upgraded to professional version after buying it. The EaseUS data recovery software is capable or restoring all the data in your system which has been deleted permanently as well as the data lost during formatting. It can also be used as an Android data recovery software. Basically the utility can be used to recover all kind of lost data except the one which was deleted using security levels.

The free version consists of three modes. The deleted file recovery, partition recovery and complete recovery mode. As the names suggest, the deleted file recovery mode is used to recover a selected file, the partition mode is used to recover an entire lost partition and complete recovery mode is used to recover the entire data which was lost on the storage device.

After selecting your specified type of recovery option, you need to run the recovery. After the wizard has finished its procedure, you will be provided with a preview of the lost files which have been found by the wizard. All you need to do is select your desired file and selecting the recover option. You can also filter the recovery results according to file types if you are not sure of the name of your desired file but are aware of the file type.

The EaseUS data recovery software can be used for recovering data from all types of storage devices including flash drives, memory cards, hard disks and many other storage devices. The wizard also supports a large number of data types including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS as well as EXT formats. Thus, you can recover data from all times. The wizard is supported on a host of operating systems beginning right from windows 2000, windows XP, Vista to the recent windows 7 and 8. As the software is supported over the host of operating systems, it is mandatory to recover files of varying data type and hence the long list of supported data types.

The free version of software limits data recovery to just 2GB. Post this limit, you can view the lost files but cannot recover them. For further usage, you require to buy the professional version of the software.

Thus, the EaseUS data recovery wizard is an extremely useful utility which can save you from a great crisis by making the impossible task of directly retrieving the lost data possible. Owing to this ability of the EaseUS data recovery wizard, we can avoid the situation of panic during an accidental data erase or unavoidable format.