EaseUS Partition Manager 10.1 Review


If you are thinking about adding a completely new SSD or hard drive to the system of yours, then you will have to keep in mind that formatting is as important as partition prior to the usage. In order to get this job done, you will require a partition manager tool which is self – sufficient enough to format as well as do the partition and re-partition too. It might also happen that after a few days you start thinking about changing the partition to suit the requirement, so your partition tool must be able to make the necessary changes. All these requirements are fulfilled by the easeUS partition manager 10.1 and the good news is that it is completely free of cost for the home users. Users from all over the world have spread the word of mouth helping EaseUS to to reach out to the maximum number of users. If you are looking for something which will be able to carry out the disk management efficiently, then EaseUS is a reliable name on that front. The wizard is easy to use and provides a professional touch to the work it does helping the users manage everything effectively.

Partition Manager

Increasing the C drive space

When we keep on installing things in the Windows system, we tend to forget that they have a space restriction to it. So, one fine day we see that it has very little space left for important files. Therefore, we do the obvious, we start deleting the old and unimportant files in order to get some free space out there. But, contrary to our popular belief, this technique doesn’t work wonders, instead within a short span of time we will again see that we have run out of disk space. Now, what do we do? We can do one thing and that is to learn how to extend C drive in windows 7. It is simple; you can just take the help of EaseUS partition manager software and increase the space of C drive.

Several other features included

Apart from extending C drive, you can use this partition manager to accomplish some other tasks like –

  • Resizing partition without losing out any data
  • Merging of two partitions which are adjacent to each other
  • Conversion of logical partition to primary partition.
  • Partition wipe out possible to get rid of all sensitive information that is there on the disk
  • On GTB disk, 4TB partition is supported

Enhanced performance of the partition manager

It supports multiple languages, including Deutsch, Española, French, English, Portuguese, Chinese, etc. The new version has enhanced compatibility, so now you can use this with almost any system you want. The size of the file of the partition manager installation is reduced in size, in order to enhance the free installation. Even the bugs are fixed, so that users are able to use the best quality product and when you will be able to do everything all by yourself, then nothing can get better than that.