Essential PowerPoint Techniques for Employees


PowerPoint presentations have become an indispensible part of professional life these days. A good presentation is something which will always help you to get grand success in future. If you know how to please a group of people via a small slide show, you can achieve great heights in your career. Representing your ideas in a creative manner is always a difficult task while handling corporate presentations. In this post, we’ll make you aware about some of the basic PowerPoint Techniques which will help you prepare the best presentation slides.

PowerPoint Techniques

To have a good understanding of PowerPoint, you must have knowledge about the following fields:

  • Introduction to PowerPoint

You must be familiar with the output options and screen layouts for creating different types of presentations. You must know how to create and view presentations using slide view, slider sorter, and notes view.

  • Working with Text

You must have knowledge regarding how to add text to slides and/or presentations outline, along with formatting text, using tabs, bullets and multi-level bullets, and spelling features.

  • Backgrounds and Designs

You can easily enhance your presentations with in-built design templates, themes, and backgrounds.

  • Adding Catchy Graphics

You must know how to use the clip art gallery provided with the software. Additional knowledge regarding Drawing tools will help you create your own flow charts, your personal images, and will further enhance your presentation with visual effects. The effects will catch everyone’s eye in the crowd, and will make the idea easier to understand as compared totraditional text approach. You can even add color, and texts to the drawn objects to make them more readable, and appealing.

  • Viewing and Printing Slides

You must be able to present your slides on projectors, or print them, or send them via mail. You need to alter the page setups, and change the viewing sizes of your screen for best viewing experience. You may even enhance the look of your slides by adding various slides transitions, and animation effects to impress your audience.

To get perfection with using PowerPoint, you may visit the official Microsoft website to get up to date with the latest tips and tricks.

PowerPoint is the most common software used in universities to produce visual aids for presentations. Other presentation softwares are also available if you’re using Mac, or prefer web based options. A good grasp over technical skills will not only enable you to produce your slides comfortably and confidently.

While using PowerPoint features, you must be careful enough that you don’t overuse them Doing so may confuse your audience about the message you’re trying to convey. You need to be a bit creative, yet explanative at the same time to produce the best slides. The slides should not only be able to catch the crowd, but also present your idea boldly. Use the features wisely, and in limit, and you’ll really love the outcome.


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