How to find your target audience in blogging?


People think that the blogging is a business to make money online. I strongly disagree this because a person should have a set of qualities to stay as a successful blogger. Yes, to run and manage blog/blogs, some potential s like writing & publishing the posts, search engine optimization, social media marketing etc. are needed for the bloggers. Even though some bloggers are managing their blog with a writer, I am sure that they are missing the personal touch in every post and it would tough for them in replying comments. I suggest that the blog posts with personal experiences would sound more among the readers and am familiar with it.

Oh! This is not the topic which am going to discuss here; just shared my blogging opinion at the beginning of my guest post. Are you a blogger and searching for the ways to find your target audience to do an enriched blogging? Then you could get relevant some details with this post.

You might blog for various reasons whether to inform, share, entertain or persuade; you should find your target audience to take your blog to next level. If you maintain a consistent blog then the readers would become subscribers and will share your blog posts with their minded network. So, it is essential to find your target audience and start writing for them to increase traffic to your blog. Instead of concentrating on making money with blogs, knowing and understanding the targeted audiences would let you to get succeed in blogging.

Here I am going to highlight some useful tools that could give an insight of your blog’s audience.

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5 useful tools to find your target audience

1. Google keyword planner

Google had recently closed Google keyword tool and Google keyword planner is the alternate for it. “Search for keywords and ad groups ideas” is the option available here to find your audience. Just type a keyword related to your blog post which you’re going to write and select few keywords with more number of searches. Use it naturally in your blog post to reach your target audience. It is the best tool to discover the needs of your audience.

2. Facebook insights

Facebook insights help you to find your target audience through your Facebook fan page. It provides you a set of analytic information about the people who are engaging with your Facebook fan page. With the detailed information like daily visitors and their details, page views, external referrers etc., you can easily target your visitors.

3. Google Analytics

It is an excellent tool to know about your audience and their activities. It explains you about the search of the people within your blog and the keywords & phrases used by them to reach your blog through Google searches. It is also possible to know the location of your visitors and the duration they spent on your blog. With these details, it is possible to reach more minded audience by creating useful blog posts based on their search words.

4. Google trends

Google offers another excellent tool named Google trends to find your target audience by providing the details of the visitor’s interest. It is same like Google keyword planner which shows trendy topics in your niche. It also displays the online searches of your listeners with highest hits keywords.

5. Real time insights finder

This is an exceptional targeting tool from Google which combines the features of Google insights and Ad planner. This useful tool contains 5 parts to explain about the searches, clicks and watches by the people with which you can effectively find your target audience. It is also expected that this tool would come up with social media and online video marketing ideas for the targeted visitors.

Additional ideas to find your target audience

1. Forums

Online forums are the great place to know the requirement of your target audience. Visit some famous forums related to your niche, understand their basic need and create your blog post content according to it.

2. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an important process to your blog’s search engine success. Do research about your competitors to know how the readers are engaging their blog posts and to get some sources to make your blog popular.

3. Broad reader

It is a forum search engine tool to search online forums for specified keywords and phrases. With the help of the search result, it is possible for you to engage with your target audience.


Your blog audience helps to grow your blog tremendously which would finally result in attaining your blogging goals. Also you could engage your audience well, only if you know their requirements. So it would be better if you know the ways to reach your target audience and understand their behaviors.

You should realize that the audience isn’t going to come to your blog directly. You have to find them through your content and social activities. In order to have a successful blog, your focus should be on targeting your audience and interact with them effectually.

Utilize the useful tools which I have listed above to find your target audience and share your opinions here 🙂


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