Five of the Most Romantic Places to Get Married


Destination weddings are a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon. Travelling for vacation and wedding is not only fun, it’s also very much on trend right now. With thousands of places to go around the globe, most couples have trouble choosing just one location. Some of the most popular wedding destinations include The Virgin Islands, Tahiti, Australia, and the Bahamas, but sometimes they can be a little lacking on romance. Here are some of the most romantic travel locations that you can choose from for your destination wedding.

Five of the Most Romantic Places to Get Married


U.S. residents looking for a tropical getaway might be surprised to find that they can go for a budget wedding in Florida, without giving up any of the romance. Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations, but there are plenty of seaside villages and cities. Options range from renting a villa in the Keys to visiting the historic city of St. Augustine, and everything in between. With sand, sun, and no passport needed, Florida is a great place to have a wedding. In fact, you can even take a side-trip to Disneyland if you want.

Destination Weddings


Perhaps one of the most romantic countries on earth, Italy has it all when it comes to a destination wedding. With romance in Venice, art in Florence, or a secluded villa in Tuscany. With plenty of options, you’re sure to find something that you love to do. Just remember that Italy is not cheap so you will have to spent big. You need a U.S. Passport, evidence that you are not currently married, Birth Certificate, a declaration sworn by four witnesses that you are legally allowed to marry which must be duplicated for the U.S. Consulate and the Italian Consulate. You will also have to translate all documents into Italian and have them notarized with an apostille or Hague certification. The whole process takes about three weeks, so make sure you start early.


While not the most romantic place on earth, Mexico is home to some incredibly beautiful beach resorts. Combined with the fact that the country is relatively inexpensive to stay in, you could have a very lovely and beautiful budget destination wedding. If you are going to get married in Mexico then you have to have your birth certificates translated into Spanish and apostilled, a tourist permit, your passport, chest x-ray, and blood test. You will also need four witnesses, which should be relatively easy to do. Your marriage certificate should also be approved in Mexico before you try to get married. Once you get your paperwork, there are literally hundreds of hideaway resorts where you can spend your wedding.


Paris is the city of love, but if you choose to visit this romantic city, then you should prepare to spend big. Flight tickets alone are going to be costly, so you might want to go with a small wedding. If you’re willing to front the cost, the city is literally the most romantic spot on the planet. The city requires that you have a civil wedding, as religious weddings are not legally binding in the country. You can do this at the Marie town hall, where the Mayor will marry you in French. St. Josephs is the only French Cathedral with English speaking priests, so it should naturally be your best option. All you need is the correct paperwork to get started. These documents include your passport, certificate and proof of where you live, medical certificate with blood tests, as well as a certificate proving that you are not married. Most of these documents can be easily gotten from your local town hall and should be notarized.

Costa Rica

A nature lover’s paradise with all of the comforts of home, Costa Rica is almost the perfect destination wedding site. With plenty of white sand beaches, miles of stretching jungle, and all of the sun you could ever want, Costa Rica is an island paradise. Best of all, it’s also relatively close so you won’t have to spend a small fortune flying everyone out. When you add in the fact that you don’t need a marriage license to get married there, you’re all set. One thing that is important to remember is that Costa Rica law does not change lasts names when you get married! If the bride and the groom want the same name, the change will have to be done at home.

Destination weddings aren’t cheap, but if you want to spend your wedding and honeymoon in a dream location then they are worth it. Options range from the mundane to the exotic, and can usually be chosen based on your budget, and where you want to go.


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