How to fix windows 10 update error code 0x8024a105


Are you facing the error code 0x8024a105 whenever you update
the windows? The main cause of this error appearing on your windows is wrong
corrupted files stored in your system. To fix the error here, are few methods
suggested. Try out these effective solutions and get rid of the error

Run windows update troubleshooter

  • The first step is to press Windows+ R to
    initiate a run command. Type ‘control.exe/name Microsoft. Troubleshooting’ and
    press ‘enter.
  • Now click on ‘windows update’ when troubleshooting
    windows open. Then, click on ‘run the troubleshooter.’
  • With this, the troubleshooter will start
    detecting the issues with your system. If it succeeds in finding any problem
    then follows the pop-up instructions to repair the problem. All you need t do
    is select ‘apply this fix.’
  • When ‘update troubleshooter’ informs that the
    repair has been managed, restart your computer and check if the issue is still
  • Clear and reset software distribution folder
  • Press Windows+ X and select ‘command prompt form
    the windows menu.
  • Now type the given commands and press enter
    after each command

Net stop bits

Net stop wuauserv

Net stop appidsvc

Net stop cryptsvc

  • After that go to folder C:|windows\software
    distribution\download and delete everything.
  • Go back to ‘command prompt’ again and type the
    following commands. Forget not to press enter after every command

Net start bits

Net start wuauserv

Net start appidsvc

Net start cryptsvc

  • The last step is to restart your device.

Perform a clean boot

  • For this, press Windows+ R to start the run
  • Next, type ‘msconfig’ and press ‘enter.’
  • A ‘system configuration’ box appears.
  • Locate ‘services’ tab and check the box after
    ‘hide all Microsoft services’ and ‘disable’ it.
  • Then, open task manager from the startup tab.
  • Select all startup items and click ‘disable.’
  • Now close the task manager.
  • Next, you have to repeat the step 1 to 3 and
    revisit the startup tab, click ‘ok.’
  • Reboot your system.

Download and update windows 10 drivers

Corrupted windows drivers can also contribute in the windows
update error 0x8024a105
on your pc. To download the latest and updated
drivers to your system. We suggest you enable an authentic driver like driver
talent. For an update of Windows 10, follow the given steps:

  • To start, scan your PC to detect the outdated
    and unreliable windows drivers.
  • Go to the ‘stable drivers’ tab and click on
    ‘update to install the appropriate drivers to your windows.
  • When the update process gets completed, reboot
    your system to implement the changes.
  • Important note: To avoid the driver crashes,
    save the backup of your old drivers before downloading the new drivers.
  • Reset windows update tool agent
  • Download the ‘reset windows update agent’ from
  • Next step is to the right click on it and
    chooses’ run as administrator’ command.
  • A message will now pop-up on your windows- Do
    you want to continue the process? Yes or no
  • Press ‘y’ and enter.
  • Now it will identify all issues related to

Fix the corrupt files with DISM tool

  • Press window+ X to run a command.
  • Select ‘command prompt’ from the menu and open
  • Now type the following command and press enter
    after typing the command


  • After this, the tool will start scanning the
    issues and will solve the issues.
  • To view the changes made, restart your device.

Change user account control (UAC) settings

  • Press Windows+ R to get a run window.
  • Type ‘netplwiz’ and press ‘enter’ to open the
    next window.
  • Now select the user that you are operating and
    click on ‘properties’ from the ‘users’ tab.
  • Go to ‘group membership’ in the properties tab
    and make the changes in the level of access by shifting to ‘administrator.’
  • Click on ‘apply’ to make the changes done.

Finally, restart your device and keep in mind to
log in with the same user.


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