Top 5 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites


Looking for some free live sports streaming sites? If yes, then probably you are at the right place. Sports is something that almost all people love to play and watch. But not everyone has a TV and not everyone has a fixed time to watch it at home. Therefore you need a free live sports streaming site.

Finding a free streaming site can be a tedious task. This is because the advancement in technology has bought a lot of options. Many of them are premium and paid. Therefore, for helping you we have bought some working free live sports streaming sites.

Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites:

1. BossCast

Number one on the list hits the BossCast. Bosscast is basically a sports streaming websites which is completely free to be used. This streaming site has its inbuilt media player. While matches are going on, BossCast curates and provides you live streaming of them.

It gives you access to almost every sport like Football, cricket, tennis, basketball and many others too. The only problem which you might face while streaming your favorite sports on BossCast is the sticky Ads with invasive pop-ups. You may also need to use a VPN as it could be blocked in your region.

2. Time4TV:

If you are looking for free sports streaming sites, then this might be the best consideration for you. It is a streaming platform which gives you access to stream your favorite sports going on throughout the world. It has been packed with more than 60 sports channel in total like Sky Network, Sony Network, FOX Network, ESPN, WWE Network, etc.

To get started, simply search for the channel that is broadcasting the live stream of the desired match. Simply tap on it and start streaming for free. All channels provided multiple links so that if one isn’t working then others can be used.

3. Sony LIV:

Sony LIV is an Indian sports streaming website which is also free to use. The best thing about it is that it is a product of Sony. Moreover, it has purchased the rights to stream different popular sports other than cricket.

It gives you access to Rugby, Soccer, MMA, WWE, Racing and other popular sports. It has premium subscriptions too. The only problem with the free plan is that live streaming is delayed by 5 minutes. But the content it offers for free is enough to use this.

4. Laola1:

Loala1 is a free sports streaming site based in Austria. The best thing about this streaming site is that it has an international version. This keeps it unlocked in almost all the regions. Thus, it doesn’t require any VPN any can be used in any part of the world.

If your country doesn’t have the rights to broadcast any match, then Laola1 can be the ideal choice. Using this will provide you access to a number of football matches. Apart from this, the user interface of this website is quite simple and smooth. If you are a resident of USA, then this site will help you to watch matches which are not available through satellite TV.

5. Sportrar.TV is one of the most famous and widely used streaming sites for watching football. Earlier, it was known by the name of It basically gathers streams from different sources. Its simple user interface doesn’t make any problem.

The only problem you can face is of sticky & irritating Ads. If you can compromise here, then it is one of the best free streaming sites. It is set-up with a number of links which ensures that even if one doesn’t work, others will help for sure. Here, you can enjoy your favorite sports like Football, tennis, cricket, rugby and many more.


So here all the best  5 best free live  sports streaming sites that you can use to watch your favorite sports online source.  Hope you enjoy the article if you know any other sites to watch sports online do comment we add that site to our list.


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