Game Review: Freedom Fighters


So we are here again with another game review and this type it is Freedom Fighters. Although the game was mainly released for the console platform but we would be reviewing the PC versions for most users’ convenience, and preference as well. This is a game you would love playing hours after hours and proceeding through the levels one after another. Playing in computer will definitely be a little different than playing in a console, you won’t have those dedicated control buttons, but the traditional keyboard buttons but these shouldn’t interrupt your gameplay fun. What happens in and around this game? Well, the Reds marching for their land of liberty and trust me, you want to fight this battle without any doubt.

Game Review: Freedom Fighters

It’s a good fight

As the title suggests, it’s basically a game where you have to go through a battle, or maybe lead it. Yes, you actually have to lead a battle. A group of soldiers with like mind are about to attack the overwhelming communist aggression. Although you will lead the battle, but you can’t do whatever you want. You are confined to only three actions and you can’t go beyond that. Regroup attack and defend – these are the three commands that you can put on your rebel group. You will be pointing your army by pushing your mouse forward but that’s not everything, you have to plan on actions instead of only planning and pushing your army through. In the game, while you are on quiet moments, the arms will reload without you even hearing it. The storyline is awesome enough to compete or even outrun some Hollywood movies.

Where did the story come from? The story was inspired by the television series “SAFN”. Your army is a Red army that talks in typical Russian accent. However, the Russians dropped a bomb to stop the European war and guess what? This powerful A-bomb destroyed almost every part of the globe, and of course, South America. Well you can expect these turnovers in the games so don’t get too nosy about logics. So now two NY citizens Chris and a friend of his has found out that the Russians have taken the United States and broadcasting a message that says that they have protected the American people from a corrupt government.

And as you can understand, then the fight continues through ups and downs. This is the storyline in brief.

Despite the story, the game is actually simple and you don’t have to cram around to find out what actually your objectives are. You will be recapturing New York in parts, it will take time but that’s your mission. You will have to recover the post office, police station etc. and also the people; cut off the Soviet supply lines, infrastructures, their arms and everything.


So if we are to rate this game, we would give 7 out of 10. This game is good but still has option for many improvements. That’s all stat for nerds; if you love games of this genre and particularly of this type, then you should just get into gaming – nothing else is needed to be said.

And you can actually free download this Freedom Fighters Game, just Google it!


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