Gangnam star PSY, releases new song Hangover featuring Snoop Dogg



The singer of the song hit gangnam style; PSY has surprised everyone with his new song after months of silence. We had all thought that gangnam style was the only song he could pull off but he has now collaborated with Snoop Dogg and as you all expect, they have just nailed it totally. Gangnam style, just a few weeks ago broke the all time record on YouTube pageviews with 2 billion people watching the song. PSY wants now to break his own record with the new music video hangover and by the way things are going, it is possible for that to happen. The new video is all about immature university students who go on to party all night under the influence of alcohol. The imagery of the video includes PSY throwing up into a toilet bowl and he is also taking a swim, in a fountain pond. In the meantime, the tall gangly mixed-up rapper Snoop Dogg pulls of some really gauche moves. There is one thing that really stands out in this video though; the ill rapper Snoop raps the entire song while PSY is singing the chorus as if his entire life depends on it. This video should have been Snoop featuring PSY not the vice versa. The video as expected has hit the limelight and many continue to get mixed reactions but it is amazing that 6 days after the release, it has hit 59,621,319 views and still going strong as the whole world is talking about it.