God of Wars Ascension Review


Gaming is indeed one best time passing ever! What else could make you relaxed and tension free in such a short time? But well, that requires great games as well. And now, we are going to provide you with a review on a game that has been well known for its enchanting story and dramatic story. We are going to review God of Wars: Ascension. The genre of this God of War is PC game but it’s also available in the consoles.

God of Wars Ascension

The entry that God of War Ascension makes is simply dramatic and only a very few games is known to be making that. The storyline is twisting and interesting, and this interesting storyline ranges from the tangle with hydras in the game, to fighting against the Colossus of Rhodes. And let’s not forget the remarkably breathless battle against Poseidon! Krato now steps into new levels of adventures in this game, this third version of God of War. The only disappointing part of this game is the hand clap with no sound, which used to be bang before which would certainly try to rip apart your ribs.

What’s the storyline?

The storyline isn’t distracted much from its previous sequels. Kratos had an oath made of blood with the Gods which he dared to break. And doing so, Kratos has become the target of three sisters who have their own name to be called at, ‘The Furies’. When the game begins, the opening fight with a fury name Megaera is actually a QTE battle against beasts bigger than your size in the game.  This is the introduction of the game – works fine, but not quite breathtaking or won’t make your heart beat faster. Maybe, serves well for a game like this; not much like the last sequel of this game.

The Game Inside

The introduction doesn’t take much time, it very soon takes into the original high-octane groove and the fans of this game must be familiar with this. The weapons are upgraded just at the required level although it’s nothing much to be overwhelmed about. In this game, it’s possible to keep fighting using only your hands and some basic moves. But if you want, you can use the combo-strings as well; might be helpful if you want to continue your gaming experiment.

Gameplay has changed a bit as well. The Kratos now will not be looking for weapons; instead they will only use their Blades of Chaos. Don’t get so excited, you have newer things coming. Enemies will be torched alive by the Fire of Ares, Zeus’s Lightning will deliver an electric shock, and the Ice of Poseidon fridges the casted foes. You will have to use these tools through the gameplay if you want to earn rewards playing the game.

Secondary weapons are attached too for using during your gameplay, like tha javelin or attack blocking shields. These tools are only useful at the initial stages of the game; later these might look like toys.

And there is much to talk about

The best idea is to free download God of Wars Ascension from the cyberspace and try it out. This won’t take much of your patience, but you will have a nice gameplay and you will never regret it!


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