How Hosting Affects your site’s SEO


Do you know that the hosting you choose also affects your site’s SEO performance. I mean, There are lots of factors on which SEO performance of your site is dependent and one of the most important is the speed of the site.

We can clearly say that speed of the site is dependent on 2 factors, One is the size of the page which normally remains between 500-1000KB and another one is the speed of the server.

So, How speed of the site will decrease? 1, If the size of your page is higher and another is if the speed of your server is less. If both of them are the case, Situation of the speed of the site is worse. You need to work a lot in this case to decrease the speed of your site.

If you are facing problems with the speed of the site because of the first reason, You can apply the below given techniques to increase the speed of the site.

  1. Compress the Images
  2. Use Content delivery network
  3. Remove Un-wanted scripts

But If the problems are with the hosting provider, you can’t do anything except changing the hosting provider. Here are the factors that affects your site speed (Indirect SEO performance) and Direct SEO performance.

1. Downtime

You are paying to the Hosting provider but what if you are facing down times. If your site remains down for some time, Search engine will not able to crawl your site and as A result, your site will start getting de-indexed in google.

Recently, I transfered my sites from Shared web hosting to my VPS and as I was new to VPS, I don’t know how to handle it properly due to which sites were down for some hours a day. As a result, One of my main site got de-indexed in google and I saw great loss in traffic I was getting from google.

Finally, it is now re-covered and traffic is also re-covered but in every case it will not happen. So, Select your hosting provider wisely.

2. Quality of the servers

Quality of the servers matters a lot. As Any company having low quality servers is going to give you bad experience only. You should check the speed of the servers and also how much they are capable to handle the traffic.

In this case, money matters. If you will pay more, your sites will be hosted on High quality servers. For example, You can say WPEngine uses great servers as they are dedicated to wordpress. Moreover, their maintenance is great!

So, before purchasing hosting from any company, First see the user reviews.

Currently, I am using Interserver web hosting as well as Interserver VPS and What I can say is, they are really great at customer support as they are having instant online chat feature as well as they maintain their servers properly with 0% downtime almost. After I started using Interserver, I never got single down time.